Audino and 2011 World Championships C-Gear Skins Available


That’s right folks. There are now two new skins for the C-Gear found in Black and White. The two new skins feature one with an Audino, and the second has a 2011 World Championships themed skin.

To obtain these, all you need are these two case-sensitive passwords and an access to Global Link:

For the Audino one, simply enter YAHOOAUDINO. The password was originally found on Yahoo! Kids, a Yahoo! site made especially for children.

For the World Championships 2011 skin, simply enter WorldsCGear. It can currently be found on the World Championships website, the hub for the 2011 World Championships.

You better act fast though, because they won’t last for long. You have until September 15, 2011, which is only a little more than a month away. So go out and grab these cool C-Gear Skins while you can!

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