Junichi Masuda Reveals N’s Full Name


Junichi Masuda; which is one of Gamefreak’s producers of Pokemon Black and White; has revealed N’s true full name. His name is : Natural Harmonia Gropius, and the N comes from the term “natural number”. The following is quoted from the article explaining why N was used as his name in the game.

“N’s real name is Natural Harmonia Gropius, with “N” coming from the term natural number.
With his high IQ, N exceeds humans.
A genius, N excels in math enough to be called a math wizard.
N is quick-witted and has extreme mood swings.
N can see the past and future of people.
According to Masuda, rumors have it that N was born from Pokémon; the parents are unknown.
N loves Pokémon but keeps his distance from humans.
N believes he’s perfect.
Always putting Pokémon first is N’s ideology.
Given how he is, he has been shunned by humans. In effect, he has a very strong connection with Pokémon.”

What does this mean for Pokemon? Well it gives players a chance to look deeper into the character of N, and possibly giving them a new experience in the game when coming across N in the game. What are your thoughts on this reveal? Do you think there will be some connection with this and the new game Pokemon Gray?

Source: My Nintendo News

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22 Responses to “Junichi Masuda Reveals N’s Full Name”

  1. A_LINK_IN_TIME says:

    N is arguably the most fleshed out character in any Pokemon game.

  2. Zeldariox says:

    He is definitely one of the best pokemon characters and actually has a great backstory.

  3. MoonFall says:

    if N is born from pkémon… that means………….WE CAN GET HIM ON A POKÈBAL

  4. MoonFall says:


  5. TriforceHermit says:

    N is just weird, thats all I have to say about him, he creeps me out, and I think he might like (wink,wink) the main character, even when you pick the boy…

  6. link eating pringles says:

    off topic but i need help on e4 on fire red what lvs do i get my pokemon? i have lv48 persain lv 48 vaporeon lv 48 pideot lv 47 dugtrio lv 47 pikachu and lv 47 charizard please help!

    • TriforceHermit says:

      Recommended levels:
      Charizard- varies
      I personally would raise my Charizard to the highest level out of all of them mainly because he is the best choice, secondly, It would help that once you got your Pikachu to the recommended level, to evolve it to Raichu. These are my recommendations for moves:

      Pikachu- Thunderbolt because it has a higher hit rate then Thunder and is still very strong.
      Charizard- Flamethrower would be best because it is very strong for a fire move until later in the game.
      Dugtrio- Earthquake for obvious reasons

      Those are really all I can recommend, hope you beat them.

  7. Tigersnake2 says:


    (Just discovered this site. How long has it been here?! o.o )

  8. Lukémon says:

    Nice ( just discovered this site ), still N’s views were pretty strange but now I know this stuff it’s a little more understandable.

  9. MasterSword345 says:

    I like your team very well balanced link eating pringles

  10. qwertyuiop says:

    Could that Darmanitan be N's daddy?! you know, the one from the intro movie before you start playing.

  11. Lukémon says:

    N:Papa can i catch a new pokémon.
    DAD: Darmanitan!!!

  12. fused_shadows says:

    I am not a big pokemon fan.

  13. Lukémon says:

    Oh……… Kay?

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