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As we’ve told you time and time again, we here at Pokemon Dungeon are hard at work to bring you the highest quality content while maintaining the friendly community where anyone can contribute. Well, things may have gotten a little confusing, so I’m going to give everyone a breakdown of all the progress we’ve made so far, and where we’re headed in the near future.

Generation V
This is the newest generation, and as such it has the fewest games. Generation V’s games currently consist of only Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version. A staff member from both ZD and PD, Wyatt is hard at work getting the Pokemon Black and White walkthrough up. This walkthrough not only contains detailed information to take you through every step of the game, but there are high quality screenshots throughout, detailed lists of every pokemon availible, when they are availible and in which games, items, hidden items, and character items, trainer analysis, evaluations of the one-time choices and their outcomes, and more.

It currently has the first three badges, Trio Badge, Basic Badge, and Insect Badge, complete and published on the site. He is working on the fourth badge, and promises to stick to it until the guide is completed. This is the best and most reliable Pokemon Black and White walkthrough anywhere, checked against other site content and through in-game experience, straight from the hands of a player to you. If you are playing the most recent main games, Pokemon Black and White, and you need help with a certain part, want to make sure you got everything, or just would like to see a suggestion for the upcoming gym, check it out!

Generation IV
The second to the newest generation contains five main games. These consist of Diamond and Pearl, Platinum, and the Generation II remakes Heart Gold and Soul Silver. We are working on a Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum guide, but unfortunately progress is slower than anticipated. Matt was working on our Heart Gold and Soul Silver walkthrough, but unfortunately ran into scheduling and technical conflicts. The guide has the first chapter, the Zephyr Badge, and most of the second chapter, the Hive Badge, published and ready to go. We are going to get progress going again soon on these guides.

As it stands now, our Heart Gold and Soul Silver walkthrough contains complete walkthrough information for getting through the game, along with Pokemon avaliable not only by game but also by time of day. Like all of our guides, it contains highly detailed screenshots and maps, pokemon recommendations, battle strategies, complete lists of items, including hidden and optional items, story information, and more.

Generation III
The middle generation was ridiculed by some and loved by others. It, also, contains five main games. These being Ruby and Sapphire, Emerald, and the Generation I remakes Fire Red and Leaf Green. Ruby and Sapphire are also rumored to be being remade for Generation V, which would fit with Nintendo’s established cycle. Unfortunately, we do not have any members of staff currently dedicated to Ruby and Sapphire, or Fire Red and Leaf Green. Kazumi is working hard on getting our Emerald walkthrough finished. He currently has published both chapter 1, the Stone Badge, and chapter 2, the Knuckle Badge, and is working on chapter 3.

Our Emerald walkthrough is the most reliable walkthrough on the internet and in printed media. Like all of our guides, this contains high quality screenshots, Pokemon availability, battle suggestions, character information, background stories, and more. All of our information has been crosschecked over multiple sources to ensure the highest quality content, with the ease of use and reliability you can expect from Pokemon Dungeon.

Generation II
The second generation consists of only three games, Gold, Silver, and Crystal. This generation added much more information to it’s predecessor, including time of day availability, happiness, shinies, and more. Our Gold, Silver, and Crystal walkthrough is currently being worked on by Matt. The first chapter, the Zephyr Badge, has already been published, and he’s working hard to get more content up soon.

Our Gold, Silver, and Crystal walkthrough strives to be the best there is, and succeeds. With the reliable Pokemon charts, battle recommendations, complete item lists, all combined with our user-friendly interface, this guide really shines over the others around the internet.

Generation I
The very first generation started it all with Red, Blue, and Yellow. This introduced so many elements to the series: six Pokemon teams, turn based battle, a budding rivalry, and of course, the challenge to Catch ‘em All and defeat the Elite Four. Justeazy is currently working on our Red, Blue, and Yellow walkthrough. The first two chapters, the Boulder Badge and the Cascade Badge, are complete and published on the site, with more coming soon.

Pokemon Dungeon’s Red, Blue, and Yellow walkthrough uses all of our tried-and-true features such as main, hidden, and optional item lists, Pokemon choices and availibility, battle breakdowns, story information, and more. Also, since it is the oldest and simplest game, we also use this guide to test out new features, such as the percentages table, to see how well they work not only with us but also our users, before implementing them into all of our guides.
Other content we have in the works includes breeding guides, EV training manuals, Pokemon secrets, Podcasts, and more. However, there is still a lot of work to be done. We are looking for new staff, including news staff, article writers, coders, image specialists, and especially content writers. If you believe you can help provide the best quality Pokemon information, please apply!

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