Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition – New Details


Hello pokemon trainers. New details about the upcoming Pokemon game, Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition, have been revealed. These details pertain to the characters of the game. There is also an official trailer that was seen at Jump when it was announced. Jump in for more!

As with other Pokemon, you are able to choose whether you want to start off your journey as a male or as a female. The male main character has an Eevee as a partner, as does the female main character. Nobunaga is the main antagonist, and his partner is Zekrom, Oichi is a helper character who is partners with a Jigglypuff, Mitsuhide is the character who is partnered with Articuno, Shingen is a character who is partnered with Groudon, and Kenshin is a character who is partnered with Mewtwo. Additional warriors will be revealed in January.

Sources: Andriasang

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  • Anonymous

    This game looks so weird…

    • radioactivehylian

      Well… what did you expect ? I’t’s Japan after all

      • Anonymous

        Nice one!

  • KoopaTroopa

    …I’m not so sure what to think, they should have mixed it with Fire Emblem

  • Wehtaw

    Didn’t we already know this from the previous post?

    • Wehtaw

      I am talking about Iceddragon2298’s post.

  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    THIS WILL BE EPIC! so preordering it. Just as I finished Samurai Warriors for 3ds, this will be perfect to satisfy my tastes

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002742260211 Jake Dupont

    Ok, so I get an eevee, and he gets zekrom? I see how it is.

  • Dragon Master

    Finally, they’ve decided it’s time for Pokemon to take a more violent path rather than this whole friendship crap. Looks are deceiving, so I hope these ones aren’t. I would love for just one Pokemon game that doesn’t mention friendship. It gets annoying, but that’s just me.

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