Winter Deerling C-Gear & Your Favorite Area


Another new C-Gear skin for Japanese Pokemon players! This is the final one in the series which spanned over the last four months. This skin is available from December 1st until January 6th and there is no password, since it unlocks automatically. The skin is expected to release in other countries next week. Check out more after the jump.

Following on from the previous three forms of Deerling; Spring, Summer and Autumn – Japanese versions of Black and White have the final skin available now. As you’re probably well aware, Deerling in the Black and White games changes form dependent on season – and these skins have been released in correlation with that.

Which has been your favorite Deerling skin? I really like this one as I love snow, and the Winter form of Deerling was always my favorite – it looks very serene and peaceful. I would love to see some of our favorite Pokemon towns in snow.

This has lead me on to thinking – which place from Pokemon would you like to visit? Which is your favorite region? What season would you like to see certain areas in?

Source: Serebii

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  1. mufosta says:

    I think the winter is my favorite, both the C-Gear skin and pokemon. Deerling and Sawsbuck are easily my two favorite Pokemon in B/W. I'm not usually a sucker for cute Pokemon, but the second I saw Deerling I knew it had to be mine :)

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