Featured Fanart: Ho-Oh


This week our featured fanart is Ho-Oh by deviantART artist silverbirch.

There is a charm to white-lined art drawn on black paper that words cannot really explain, so I’ll let the drawing speak for itself. This piece here is a wonderful example of what can be accomplished with traditional mediums on a black background, and it is an absolutely gorgeous piece. Ho-oh looks amazingly vibrant in spite of the dark background, and the raining embers are a lovely touch. Make the jump to see the full version of the image.


For all you art enthusiasts out there, be sure to check out Pokémon Dungeon’s group on deviantART.com, a major online art community. The group functions as an open fanart gallery, expanding off of our PD gallery, which is open to all Pokémon fanart submissions. If you already have a deviantART account, why not join our group and start submitting your creations?

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2 Responses to “Featured Fanart: Ho-Oh”

  1. awsomeMrlink says:

    There is no flaws besides I think the head is too small.

  2. A_LINK_IN_TIME says:

    Sweet but Lugia is better! 

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