CoroCoro Scans Reveal – Boxart and Keldeo!


Despite the slow days of lack of news, We still are looking for new information about Pokemon Black and White 2. And looks like our wishes have been granted. 2 Pictures, from CoroCoro「コロコロ」have appeared, and the 2 pictures confirm small details, but important ones at that!
UPDATE: Bigger Scan Available!

UPDATE: Keldeo’s Moveset revealed at the end of the Japanese Pokemon Episode 

What you see here folks, is art work of both Black and White Kyurem. Notice as well, the Boxart of Pokemon Black and White 2. If you are wondering what the text are saying, it only says about the known Japanese release month, which is June. They are also saying the possible fusions of Reshiram with Kyurem to form White Kyurem, and the fusions of Zekrom and Kyurem to form Black Kyurem.

The only difference here in the scan, is we can see how Kyurem can utilize Reshiram’s and Zekrom’s power-sources from their tails. And the cool fighing poses of their box art.



The other scan showcases Keldeo, and how to obtain it!

What do we know about Keldeo? Other than it is related to the three Musketeer trio, not much is known. Keldeo will be distributed as a pre-order bonus for Japanese Black and White players who pre-ordered movie tickets to the upcoming movie where Keldeo will co-star with Kyurem, and it’s new formes.  The scan is too blurry for a proper proof-reading what is going to be distributed, as well as their known attacks. However blur, on the center of the scan, Keldeo’s status screen, and Kyurem’s Status screen appears. It is safe to assume that either both or one of them will be distributed at the upcoming movie event. One thing however is confirmed from the scan, Keldeo will know Hydro Pump, 1 unreadable Water-Move and 2 unreadable fighting type moves, all guesses go directly to Aqua Jet, Sacred Sword and Double Kick.

Preorder of tickets for the Movie start April 14th. Keldeo will be downloable soon after that, up to August 31st.



Here’s a little overall Recap about Keldeo:

  • Keldeo, The Water-Fighting type, is known as the Colt Pokemon.
  • It’s Genderless, and it’s ability is the same as the Musketeer Trio, Justified.
  • It will be distributed with the ff moves: Leer, Double Kick,  Bubblebeam, and Aqua Jet. It will be at level 15.

Be sure to check back here later for more info! If anymore is released!

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4 Responses to “CoroCoro Scans Reveal – Boxart and Keldeo!”

  1. HachiNuu says:

    That boxart. <333

  2. GHIRAHIM says:

    As with all the 3rd games, the boxart outshines the official Sugimori artwork

  3. Yosher98 says:

    The games look cool, and I especially am excited about the story. But on an unrelated note, when will the red/blue/yellow walkthrough be updated? It has a REALLY good start and this MAY just be me but I believe it’s the easiest of the guides to make because there is less in the games (excluding yellow).

  4. Hero_of_Skyloft says:

    I really want Keldeo, but I really don’t want to see the movie, much less pay to see it. if I preordered a ticket, I probably wouldn’t even go and just get Keldeo.

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