How Might Black 2 and White 2 Impact the Series?

Axle the Beast

For me at least, the announcement of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 came as quite a surprise. Pokemon has always been a series that’s released its sequels as stand-alone game duos and trios with features unique from each other. Outside of some of the side games like Pokemon Stadium, there have been no direct sequels to a Pokemon game. It’s quite a surprise to see that change all of a sudden, and it’s interesting to think about. How might Black and White 2 differ from other main series Pokemon titles? Why were they sequels as opposed to a new set of games? Could this affect the series moving forward, and if so, how?

Of course, little to nothing has been announced about the games, so there is really only one major thing we know about them… that they’re sequels to existing Pokemon games. The first thing this brings to mind is the naming scheme of the series. The first set of Pokemon games were all colors: Red, Blue (Green in Japan,) and Yellow. After that, you had metals: Gold and Silver, although they immediately broke the theme of metals with the third game in that set, Crystal. Since then, Pokemon games are always titled with elements, minerals, or colors, often choosing two that are opposites or counterparts, or that are at least commonly seen as such — Rubies and Sapphires aren’t actually opposites, after all!

I’ve seen some fans on forums claim that sooner or later they’re going to run out of colors and elements and will have to start doing something new, but I don’t think that’s true. Nintendo will always be able to find some pair of concepts or elements that are perceived as opposites. That said, perhaps that argument is now moot, as we now have Black and White 2.

Could this be a sign of things to come, indicating that the naming scheme of the older games may now be gone and we’ll be moving toward sequels and maybe even a new naming scheme entirely, foregoing the duos and trios of counterparts in favor of more traditional titles and sequels? Maybe. After all, if there was one thing that set the original Black and White the most apart from its predecessors, it was the storyline.

Pokemon Black and Pokemon White both had had more elaborate of a storyline than previous Pokemon games. While this is an element that has been building for a while, it definitely reached a new level in these two games, and it’s interesting because this makes Black and White less similar to the monster-collecting RPGs that have made up the Pokemon series since it began, and a little more like traditional plot-driven JRPGs. Could this be the entire reason for Black 2 and White 2? To continue the plot?

I find it unlikely that Nintendo will do away with having at least two counterpart games for each generation, and they’re certainly never going to do away with the monster collecting, but I don’t exactly see them reducing the storyline elements, either, and I actually see them doing more and more with this. It’s possible that this could mean that Nintendo is going to move more towards the Final Fantasy series format for the Pokemon games, which is to have sequels with most of the same themes and similar gameplay, but to have self-contained plots. Occasionally they will have sequels to continue the storyline or ideas present in a specific game.

So, moving forward, will we have more of these sequel games? I think we definitely will. Think about it… The more story-driven you make the plot of the game, the more that each game will be set apart from the others in the series. You make your game more unique, but also a lot more compelling. Giving it more storyline and a more complete world does a lot to make the game a lot bigger, a lot more complex and interesting, and it means fans will show a lot more interest in specific entries in the franchise. No longer will it only be about the gameplay, which is usually expanded on and improved with every generation. It won’t be as much about the individual Pokemon generations either, which aren’t that crucial anyway as every new Pokemon game contains all the Pokemon that came before. No, fans will still love the series for these things, but when it comes down to individual games, they will begin to favor the games for the world and storyline, the things that will truly set the games apart from each other.

And of course, as fans begin to especially favor specific Pokemon games for their worlds and plots, they will grow more attached to those worlds and want to revisit them. That means fans will replay the games more, but it also means that they’ll want to see more in new games. Sequels that expand on the world or area, the story, the characters, and the themes, will happen more and more, especially for the really popular entries in the franchise.

Whether this prediction turns out to be true of course still depends on the reasons Black 2 and White 2 are being made, but I definitely think they’re being made because of the story. What other reason would Nintendo have to make a direct sequel other than to capitalize on the themes and story? After all, the other elements of the series are already carried on between new games with the usual format. Seeing “Black Kyurem” and “White Kyurem”, mysterious variations of an existing Pokemon from Black and White, only supports my conclusion that Nintendo’s reasons are story and world based.

So that leaves one more question then: What are Black 2 and White 2 going to do for their Pokemon? Outside of the spinoffs and remakes, every new set of games in the Pokemon series has introduced an entirely new generation of Pokemon. What will that mean for sequels like these?

Well, in this case specifically, I’d say we’re definitely not going to see a new generation of Pokemon. Yes we have already seen a handful of new additions, but I think that’s to be expected with a sequel, especially if they’re new legendary Pokemon. Whether we see a few new additions or not is irrelevant; Black 2 and White 2 are almost definitely going to be treated virtually the same as the Pokemon remakes are, and will contain no new Pokemon except some expansions on Generation V.

As for future Pokemon sequel games — if I’m right about that becoming a recurring theme of course — I imagine that they will not typically have new Pokemon generations either, but will be like the sequels and contain all current Pokemon. If they made a game, then made another new game before making a sequel to the first one, then the sequel would likely have the new Pokemon from the second game. That’s how I imagine it would go, anyway.

So that’s all I can glean from what little we know about Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. Obviously this is all speculation. We know next to nothing about the games, and even when they’re in our hands, we won’t immediately know if Nintendo’s plan for the future follows my expectations… or even if they have much of a plan for the future at all. This is definitely a wait and see case. In the meantime I will continue to speculate, and I’m sure many others will be doing the same. Do you think Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 are interesting, and that they could mark a change in the series? If so, what do you think that change might be? It’ll be interesting to find out.

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45 Responses to “How Might Black 2 and White 2 Impact the Series?”

  1. MrAwesome343 (Youtube) says:

    All I’m waiting for is for them to come out with Pokemon Oxygen and Pokemon Nitrogen Version

    • dimondeadly says:

      it would be AWSOME if they made extra save files and a new plot where team plasma is back and N is the strongest trainer and i wish they would add a safari zone and i wish that we could redo the gyms as we got stronger

    • Dp10poke says:

      not gunna happen

  2. RaltsFTW says:

    honestly, i don’t see how they could expand on BW’s story line, it seemed to have a pretty solid ending to me. HGSS did this really well with the 3 years later thing and Team Rocket returnign under new management. Battling Red was just the icing on the cake (or the cherry on top lol boy dressed in red on a snowy mountain peak; just picture it :D) i think it’s too soon to do something like this with BW (HGSS was to bring back the fans lost with DP with gold old fashion nostalgia, which even i, a person who never played GS or C, felt) i honestly think nintendo’s just trying to mix it all up. you can’t do the exact same thing forever (16 years maybe, but not forevrer :D)

    PS: God, i hope they don’t turn Pokemon into Final Fantasy. Don’t get me wrong, FF is awesome, but the more recent games have really lost their story touch. )

  3. LiquidOmega says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever been on PokémonDungeon, and I have to say it was a pleasant surprise to see AxleTheBeast is a staff memeber! Woo Axle!

  4. radioactivehylian says:

    I think one of the biggest cha

  5. radioactivehylian says:

    I think they’re gonna have Pokémon from other regions before the Elite 4 in BW2. Has anyone ever played BlazeBlack/Voltwhite. I really hope it will be something like that

  6. PapaLuLu27 says:

    The people making Pokemon is Game Freak, and technically Gold and Silver are sequels to RGBY. They take place 3 years afterwards, and you can revisit the same place.
    I’m hoping for some brand new story with B2W2. Another 3 years later kind of thing. Kyurem was just a Pokemon/people-eating monster in the first games, so I’m hoping it gets a bit more to it than that. Especially since Black and White don’t even try making Kyurem related the Reshiram and Zekrom.

  7. Carlos Guerrero Landestoy says:

    I’m really exited about this. Since is a B2/W2 It could begain diferent than any other main arc of pokemon. You could be a guy from anywhere than lands in that region. Pokemon from any region could be place there. The game could even start with a guy who already beat the elite four. Or another stuff. They can do a lot an I think that It might work.

  8. Teh Xbox says:

    It is a racist title mr. Alextehb3ast

  9. HachiNuu says:

    Great Article Axle.

    I agree that I don’t think a new set of Pokemon would be released, simply based on the turn-around time between the games release dates and when they were announced. Also, they LOVE to hype up new species with small leaks of screenshots to keep their fans interested months before the games are released.

    Also, the fact that it’s coming out in america so soon after it’s release in Japan (I believe the shortest time we’ve had to wait for a game) is starting to make me skeptical on how much of a sequel this really is. I agree the story component is going to be what sets it apart from B&W, but Interestingly enough though, that was the case for all of the “special” editions for each generation. So make of that what you will.

    That’s just me being skeptical. I hope I’m wrong and this really is changing the status quo in more than just the release and naming conventions. 

  10. awsomeMrlink says:

    I think that Pokemon Black and White 2 is just a temporary name, so it could mean anything. I don’t think it will be direct sequels, I think they will do what they did with gold, silver, and crystal by setting like 3 years into the future as a different character. 

    • GHIRAHIM says:

      Its not a temporary name. And I don’t se why people are so confused. Its like yellow, crystal, emerald, and platinum, except there are two of them. So, a simmilar, bet remixed plot, likely new outfits, and some other expansions. I don’t expect a Battle Fronteir, but there is definitely something more coming

  11. You-Know-Who says:

    Notice how there are 649 pokemon in the world. Maybe this game will bring in the 650th pokemon!

  12. InazumaKing says:

    I personally, really wouldn’t like it to be a continuation of the first 2. By that I mean I don’t want to control the same old character.What would be cool is to control a character that either watched the previous champions journey, and aspires to reach the top, or to control cheren/bianca in a very different quest.

  13. Mr. Resetti says:

    I wonder if (since B/W2 are direct sequels) We can play the old character when he is the champion. Not sure how that will change the formula but it sounds like an interesting enough plot twist for the series.

  14. GHIRAHIM says:

    I think the change from the usual two-games-then-a-third progression is confusing everybody. I don’t expect Black 2 and White 2 to be something entirely new. Its like Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum, except this time there are two. They will probably have a remixed version of Black and White’s plot, with some other additions, like Kyurem’s alternate forms, some sort of expansion to the Battle Subway (Although I don’t expect a Battle Frontier) and Who knows what else. I don’t think they will have any more of an impact on the series than any other game. And I don’t see them quitting here. I think they will have a new region and new pokemon in another four to six years

    • Erebea says:

      If they were just going to be remixes of the original plot of Black and White, they wouldn’t be called sequels. It would be utterly stupid for Nintendo to do that, beyond expectation.

  15. bob says:

    I hope its not some poop thats the same that was just made as a ripoff. THey could do so much with this!

  16. A_LINK_IN_TIME says:

    All I know is that these will be one hell of a pair and that Pokemon will never be the next Final Fantasy. 

  17. Tayvon Todd says:

    hey is there a way for me to join the pokemon ive been playing pokemon since the age of 2 1/2 please I did everything 100% and never missed anything please please please

  18. Braeden Miller says:

    i don’t like the idea of having sequels. i like having new games or remakes of older games. want a expierience new and fun. i don’t like change.

  19. Braeden Miller says:

    it’s  interesting how axle the beast knows so much about pokemon and zelda 

  20. LnktheWolf says:

    I think they look pretty cool, this might be an alteration to the 2 than fusion formula pokemon has been using lately.
    p.s. Axel sure knows a lot about gaming (especially Zelda)

  21. Orionmuffs says:

    I get the appeal of having plot-driven games, but, to me at least, I don’t think that Pokemon would be better of if it wasn’t so heavy. Here’s why: 
    What I’ve always loved about is how open it is. Sure, there’s a basic outline of what you have to do, but you still have a lot of freedom. I appreciate that Black and White didn’t make you waste a move on HMs just to continue the game, but I feel that B/W’s “invisible plot wall” system was to oppressive. Finally, being so plot driven limits your freedom to have a unique Pokemon team. I’m sure that in B/W2 they could easily fix this, but almost every Gym you went to had one Pokemon that would be extremely effective in said Gym. Furthermore, I feel as though my freedom in making a unique team was limited by the lack of old Pokemon. I understand that they wanted it to feel new, but the “no old Pokemon” concept also created less Pokemon available in-game (or at least pre-elite 4.) I guess that got a little of-topic there at the end, but I’ve wanted to vent this for awhile. 

    • Orionmuffs says:

      I mean I don’t think that Pokemon would be better of if it was that heavy. And What I’ve always loved about it is how open it is. Whoops.

  22. Pokemon_Ideas? says:

    Ehhh… I don’t really like the idea of “Black Kyurem” and “White Kyurem” and their games, Black and White 2. I personally think the creators of Pokemon should make like a contest of some sort for the next games (Names, Pokemon pictures, all created by people from all over the world). And I already had some really good ideas for the next 3 starters, and here they are (I have not come up with names yet): Fire-Electric, (Fire Starter) Water-Ghost (Water Starter) and Grass-Dragon (Grass Starter). If you agree with me, thanks =).

    • AwesomeTom says:

      i thought serpior was grass dragon or flying, i wanna see a fire lion as a starter

    • Iraatoms says:

      Once again you people are blabbering about new starters when it is clear that these are sequels that will only have a few new Pokemon in them, and not an entire generation.

  23. ReshiGirl2000 says:

    I think that N should return because he disappeared in pokemon black or white so i think that they should put him back in.

  24. GamenDork says:

    @74f23209d233c4a84c56e8961b969fb9:disqus    I completely agree. In fact, one of my friends that is an avid Pokemon fan (more so than I), has undertaken the task of coming up with 150 brand-new Pokemon from their type to their name to bios and abilities. He is currently up to #27(?) when I last checked. I’ve looked at them all, and they’re good! Everybody wish him luck!!!

  25. will says:

    THE AXEL THE BEAST? From The ZD.Net?

  26. Poyee1000100 says:

    you know what would suck? if they dont create at least new starters for bl&w 2

    • Iraatoms says:

      when have they ever added new starters in a sequel.  are bl&w 2 your first sequels?  they NEVER add new starters in sequels 

  27. Envy Of Ages says:

    They should make a pokemon game that connects all the current explored regions. Like in the beginning you can choose which region you want to start in, choose form the three original starters from that region and work from there to the other regions, after beating all the gyms and elite fours you can participate in like a regional Pokemon league where you battle All the main Players from the other games like Red, Blue, Ruby, Ect. Include an In-depth story line and it would be one of the most epic pokemon games they’ve made and probably be the most popular.

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