UK Championships Qualifier Winner Disqualified


The last few days, there has been quite a bit of news regarding last weekend’s Video Game Championships qualifier in the United Kingdom. An incident that took place at a nearby hotel where numerous players were staying made the qualified winner disqualified for the championships. During the early evening, Spanish Pokemon players were escorted out of the hotel by the police due to having been found to be throwing their own feces into the hallway.

The following day, Ruben Puig Lecegui, a member of the Spanish group mentioned above, last year’s qualifier winner, and Top 4 placer at last year’s World Championships, won the qualifying event for the second year in a row. However, as the controversy about what happened spread across the Internet, Play! Pokémon‘s manager, Dave Schwimmer, had this comment posted on the forums of Smogon (which is obviously known for its competitive play environment, as many tournaments run off of rules set by the site):

The Pokémon Company International expects its players to maintain high standards of behaviour conducive to the family-friendly environment that we foster. The Pokémon Company International conducts full investigations into any matters where we believe that a player has failed to maintain these standards, and take appropriate action when necessary. In this case, we have found that unacceptable behaviour did take place, and have taken the appropriate steps in response.
— Dave Schwimmer

On Poké’s page about the event, Ruben is not listed as the winner of the event. Instead, the Master’s Division has one slot less than the other divisions, and, Ben Kyriakou, the runner-up, is listed as the winner of the event.

These kinds of events are rather unfortunate. This is a perfect example of one bad decision causing you to lose anything that you work for. I, personally, am glad that news of the event spread across the Internet to disqualify this individual. He may have worked hard for the title, but if he is willing to make choices like that, there is no need for him to be part of something that strives to have higher standards. Shame that he had to leave the championships on that note though.

What are your thoughts on this crazy news? Do you think he deserved it, should he have not been punished?

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23 Responses to “UK Championships Qualifier Winner Disqualified”

  1. SaraAmoo says:

    Throwing poop. Seems like a well thought out idea.

  2. guess his favorite pokemon was mankey

  3. Teh Xbox says:

    That’s disgusting!!!
    Why would anyone ever play Pokemon?

  4. Drax says:

    Shit happens.

  5. Geauxzelda says:

    i dont get it, what did he do that disqualified him?

  6. WOW I’ve never heard of a story like this

  7. HachiNuu says:

    Sick. :c Behavior like this doesn’t reflect well on the Pokemon community, so I’m happy Nintendo took the proper steps to distance themselves from these players. 

    • Teh Xbox says:

      What are you talking about, that’s hilarious

      • Nintendoguy66 says:

         You wold find it hilarious because you want to eat the feces

      • RaltsFTW says:

        to teenagers maybe, but come on, would you want a six year’s olds pokemon idol being famous for doing this?! it’s like that same six year old catching Mickey Mouse smokinh backstage (they’re not supposed to do that but they do, been behind the scenes myself for a choir concert (smells like horse crap everywhere..))

  8. Guest says:

    So that’s what Ross from Friends is up to now…how the mighty have dropped a brick twice in one piece of news.

  9. You-Know-Who says:

    With one hand, he fights for glory with his pikachu.
    With the other hand, he throws shit on the hallway.

  10. RaltsFTW says:

    a Pokemon player did this?!! he might not be allowed to Play! again if the they see the incident as serious enough (it doesn’t take much to get kicked out of competitions, live or wifi). I think his punishment was severe enough, i mean come on, this is a kids’ series for cryin’ out loud!

  11. pkmn1st says:

    that’s… DISGUSTING. I think I’m going to barf.

  12. Ben says:

    In my opinion I could careless about what he does in real life — he was playing a game and he won. Give him his spot back, just make sure he’s potty trained and stuff.

  13. BlackRaven6695 says:

    Maybe he was trying to use Mud Bomb.

  14. Guest #OVER 9000!!! says:

    Looks like shit hit the fan. BADUM TISS!!!

  15. Arthur Ward says:

    UMMM this is to David in SPECIFIC!!!!!!! The anonymous email you got from [email protected] was me! so now you can use the question I connected to facebook to write this post sorry!

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