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There was a bunch of TCG news released over the past few weeks regarding the new “Team Plasma Gift Set” and the “Everyone’s Exciting Battle Packs” I got all the news after the jump!

The Team Plasma Gift set is something I am looking forward to seeing in a few months, it features a Ghetsis card as well as the pokemon Cofagrigus, Bisharp, Giratina, and Darkrai! It will be released November 16, 2012 in Japan, the same time the  Everyone’s Exciting Battle Packs will be released. The Team Plasma Gift Set will contain 30 cards, a custom coin, a deck box, 32 sleeves, a playmat, damage counters, and a booklet named the Power Up Guide, which includes tips for bolstering the deck by integrating select cards from recent expansions. It will cost 3150 Yen.

The Everyone’s Exciting Battle Packs will contain  a deck box, 32 sleeves, 2 playmats, 2 custom coins, 2 sets of damage counters, and a ‘How to Play’ booklet. It will cost 3500 Yen. This Battle Pack will feature the Pokemon Virizion, Victini, Keldeo, Pikachu, Meloetta, Terrakion, Zoroark, and Cobalion. The Everyone’s Exciting Battle Packs contain a group of 8 quarter decks of 15 cards each, one to feature every type except Dragon and Colorless.

So what are you’re guy’s thoughts on these new sets? What do you guy’s think these decks will consist of? Leave questions and comments below!

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4 Responses to “Lots of new Pokemon TCG News”

  1. RaltsFTW says:

    So wait, i’m assuming this is only in Japan? please state that directly next time. i shoud’ve guessed since the names were so long. i don’t really like the tcg, its never that exciting to me and the TCGO has been full of bugs for as long as i can remember. in fact, i have a whole deck of older cards with misprints on them such as misspelling Roserade as Roserde. a friend of mine has a pidegeotto card titled Headwind, the name of its first move. he also got a new set of cards for his birthday, and by the time he was done going through them he had at least 3 copies of every gen 5 legendary. the only recently exciting thing has been the release of the dragon type in japan.

    • William says:

      Yes there are a lot of things the TCG can improve on and the reason I didn’t mention if it was going to just be in Japan or not is because I don’t know :) I will find out more information when it arrives.

      • RaltsFTW says:

        considering the long names of the sets (English is usually only one or two words and sounds alot more epic than descriptive) and that you only presented it in yen, i assume its only in Japan for now.

        • William says:

          Like I said before, so far yes, it is only in Japan, but more than likely in a few month’s it will be in other countries. It all depends, I will keep track of how thing’s are going and let you guy’s know when the time come’s where there is a day when these cards air in other parts of the world.

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