Pokedex 3D Pro- Released!


YO! Pokedex 3D Pro has been released and let me tell ya, the features are more expansive than the free version. Oh, and If you have a 2 GB Card for your 3DS, GET RID OF IT. This baby is BIG. It won’t be enough for your measly 2 GB card to handle. But where am I going, Read on my Fellow mates. Read On.

Pokedex 3D Pro, is the Upgrade version of last year’s Pokedex 3D. It has the same features as the original:

  • Multiple Language Options
  • Ar Viewer
  • Move Dex
  • Ability to Change background
  • Photograph Pokemon
  • It’s Block-Space in the SD card is 138, minus the downloable content.
In Pokedex 3D Pro, You have the additional Options:
  • All Pokemon are unlocked
  • You have an EXTENSIVE Move Dex. It lists what the Pokemon Could learn in Black and White 2. From Movepools, to TMs to Tutors to EGG Moves. Move Dex lists moves Alphabetically.
  • There’s an Achievement Option. Reading a Pokemon’s Page is an achievement. Taking a Picture of that Pokemon is an achievement.
  • Every time you go to a Pokemon’s Page, The “announcer” will say the Pokemon’s name and Forme(if available.)
  • AR Markers are available from the start.
  • Pokemon Challenge asks you everything about the Pokemon. There are 39 Challenges. Some need to be unlocked.
  • It’s Block Space is 3,309. You need a 4 GB SD Card (I suggest a 8 GB SD Card mate. This is a suggestion from me. Or, if you’re crazy, like me, Grab a 32 GB Card.) to make this thing possible.
This seems about it- Or is it? Be sure to get it if it ever is released in your area. Now, if you will excuse me, I will play with this. Now I have my portable Bulbapedia.


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41 Responses to “Pokedex 3D Pro- Released!”

  1. ACity says:

    How many MB/GB is it?

    • William says:

      8 GB, im pretty sure

    • K4KING says:

      You just need a 4 GB Card. 8 GB if you have “Other games”.
      Honestly, if you have a lot of games like me (and videos converted into being viewable in the 3DS, then 32 GB is right.)

      • RaltsFTW says:

        not everybody downloads everything that appears on the eshop. some of us just get the necessities (namely the free stuff). so stop telling everybody to waste their money on a new card. a more sensible solution is to manage your data and delete videos, demos, finshed games and useless apps. if you do that a 2GB is more than enough for Pokedex 3D Pro. It may not seems like it in the modern world, but you seem to be forgetting K4KING: 2GB is alot of data! its simply amazing (almost unthinkable) that people would use that much as if its just its just trash.

        • K4KING says:

          You forget-
          I’m taking into account not only games. Games have small amounts of blocks. If you say have Music, or use the Nintendo Video, Save/memory Data Blocks for certain Apps/Gamesor you have other apps etc etc it builds up.

          • RaltsFTW says:

            well i get that, but how on earth are you using a whole 32 GB!!! that’s over a year’s worth of data on a cellphone, and the 3DS only came out last year! also the eshop is freakin expensive how can you afford so much off of it? i’m sorry i just think data managment should come before jumping into buying another card. and why use a 3DS for music, the quality is not that great, just get an ipod…

  2. Olamarr says:

    Is their a way to transfer all my downloaded game’s that are on my 2gig card to a bigger one?

  3. radioactivehylian says:

    I don’t think I’ll be buying this. you need to buy an 8GB memory card and the download itself to use it. And after all, it’s just a glorified Bulbapedia.

    • K4KING says:

      4 GB. 4 GB is the proper amount. 8 GB is just in case you want the extra space(for music, or videos converted to being playable in the 3DS. Or just a trove of Games. Of course it’s a Bulbapedia. Though this isn’t new. You can use any site as a good reference like Bulbapedia anyhow, like Serebii or Marriland.)

    • RaltsFTW says:

      1: its nowwhere near as useful as Bulbapedia, but the 3D is epic
      2: you only need a 2 GB if you’re like me and haven’t downloaded a ton of crap.
      3: you still only need a 2 GB, the thing has over 10,000 blocks. just manage your data properly and delete stuff you no longer need (videos, demos, games you’re bored of, apps you never use). trust me its alot cheaper than buying a 32 GB SD card. that’s just insane. i’d much rather have multiple 2GBs and manage them like game cards than something that big and expensive. I will probably never use the whole 2GB

      • radioactivehylian says:

        Then it seems like…. K4King was tricking all of us into buying SDcards…. tam tam tam xD

        • RaltsFTW says:

          i just think he’s taking his own personal situation into account, while not everybody uses as much data as he does. i certainly don’t. too much money goes into enjoying a 3DS as it is, i’m fine with the basics and using it for much more than that seems like a waste. for example, while its bacwards compatible i don’t play DS games on it because the graphics quality is crap.
          PS totally off topic, does anybody know what kind of headphones fit the 3DS none of mine fit :(

  4. Aditya Nese says:

    so you don’t even have to localize it!! why did they not release it on the same day everywhere?

    • K4KING says:

      Because they didn’t release Black and White 2 yet in your area. It’s nonesense to release it before Black and White 2. One good reason is because of Keldeo. It hasn’t been officially revealed outside Japan. At all.

  5. JJgenesis says:

    You can quite easily fit this on a 2GB card. It just depends on how much stuff you have downloaded to you’re 3DS.

    • Aditya Nese says:

      True, but you might Have to delete nintendo video

      • JJgenesis says:

        I have, 20 Ambassador titles, Links Awakening and all the freebies they have thrown at us and after that I still have OVER 9000! blocks available

        • RaltsFTW says:

          Thank you JJGenesis you are being so helpful in proving these guys wrong. Help me get out the message: Do not waste money on big, expensive sd cards! just delete the useless stuff!! cause there’s alot of it in the eshop :P

      • RaltsFTW says:

        Nintendo Video is only 39 blocks, and is the smallest thing i have downloaded. it would be the LAST thing for me to get rid of

        • Aditya Nese says:

          but it needs over 2000 blocks for the videos and won’t download videos without that much space

        • Aditya Nese says:

          keeps over 2000 blocks to download videos(look in system settings) or if there is less, the application won’t download the videos

          • RaltsFTW says:

            yeah, i keep forgetting about the downloadable content, 2000 still isn’t that much compared to the total block space. do you have anything else you can get rid of? videos and demos from the eshop would be the first to go for me. or if you’re a hoarder just plug in another SD card (i honestly think having a few 2GB is a lot cheaper than a 32GB, especially since you can get a pack of 3 2GB for $20)

    • RaltsFTW says:

      EXACTLY! the only people who have to worry are the ones who have downloaded a bunch of useless crap. demos and videos take up more space then apps do. for example, Nintendo Video is only 39 blocks, while the Kid Icarus: Uprsing Preview (which i cannot seem to delete) is 156. if you’re running out of space, go to data management and delete useless crud like this. i don’t know why they make eshop videos take up so much, you watch them and then they just take up space

    • Aditya Nese says:

      nice new avatar! did you make it?

  6. RaltsFTW says:

    Dude, relax. i still have the 2GB card that came with my 3DS, and with that i still have over 10,000 total open blocks.

  7. RaltsFTW says:

    READ THIS!!!!!!!
    OKay seriously, you guys DO NOT need to waste money on a ginormous SD CARD!!!!!
    I do not know crap about data, but i am looking at my 3DS data Management Right Now, and according to it i have downloaded 1605 blocks (not that much i know), but i still have exactly 10,105 open blocks on the 2GB SD CARD. (the one that came with the 3DS)
    Pokedex 3dPro may be big, but its nothing my Sd card can’t handle so i don’t see what the big deal is

    • RaltsFTW says:

      i’ll admit, i did forget about extra content (in that case i have downloaded alot more than 1600) but the 10,000 blocks left is still true!!!!

  8. I have over 10,000 blocks on my 2gig that came with my 3ds. The block space is only 3,309. This guy is telling me I should buy an 8gig? I don’t think so!

  9. You’re a lier bitch, There is 8000 blocks on 1GB… Which means you have 16000 on a 2GB card! This game only weighs 3309!!

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