Pokémon Minecraft?

Silver Lugia

 Hey guys! It’s been a while since I have written an article, but its all for good reason! I have been playing the Minecraft Pokémon mod! Most people know of the best selling PC and Xbox 360 game called Minecraft. It’s very addicting to play because of all of the PC mods that give the game different twists. Now I have another reason why this game is one of my favorites! Take the jump to see a new approach on Pokémon!

This mod has been out for awhile, but it had a lot of faults to the mod. Recently the new patch was added that made it even better. Take a look at this video to see some highlights on this mod!

This video showcases all of the Pokémon right now in the mod, although it isn’t a lot, the game is very fun to play! You can even craft your own Pokéballs with apricorns! And what would a Pokémon game be without Team Rocket! All of these things and more are available in Pokémobs for Minecraft. To download Minecraft click the link here. To see how to download Pokémobs for Minecraft on Mac click here. For PC click here. Have a great day all Pokémon fans! As always leave your comments and opinions in the comment section below. To play Pokémobs with me online on Minecraft send me an email at [email protected]

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10 Responses to “Pokémon Minecraft?”

  1. Olamarr says:

    I’m not really into mine craft, but this is really cool, I am impressed with the pc and different ball types.

  2. radioactivehylian says:

    Yeah I’ve heard from it before and I agree, it’s freaking awesome. Too bad everytime I try to install it, my minecradt crashes :( It’s really amazing what fans can do to improve and change a game like Minecraft.

  3. bob says:

    I love minecraft! Heard about this mod, maybe ill check it out

  4. itsameluigi1290 says:

    I thought we got a Minecraft Pokemon article already.
    Oh well, cool nonetheless!

  5. awsomeman1279 says:

    how do we install it for xbox360

  6. Luskemann says:

    i dont know anything about installing it??

  7. Luskemann says:

    when i click on the linc here i only comes to the minecraft home=,(

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