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Hey guys whilst the news is quiet and on a bit of a lull I thought I would start up a brand new thing! It is called, Trainer Tips! Have you ever prepared to face a long dungeon in a Pokemon game only to find that you can’t afford enough Potions because you have bought too many Repels? Well Here I am with a cost efficient solution! So come on beyond the jump to see all the information.

The best way to start this out would be to explain what a Repel is, A repel is an item in Pokemon that for a limited number of steps stops all wild Pokemon appearing that are weaker than the Pokemon you have leading your team. In Pokemon there are 3 types of Repel

Repel (100 Steps) 350P

Super Repel (200 Steps) 500P

Max Repel (250 Steps) 750P

Now you’re all probably thinking, oh Max Repels last the longest I’ll just grab a lot of those. Well, a bit of simple math should sway you in the opposite direction.

Lets say the dungeon I want to travel through is 1000 steps. So for me to do this I would need:

10 Repels – 3500P


5 Super Repels – 2500P


4 Max Repels – 3000P

Now lets knock standard repels out of the way and focus on the cost of the Super Repels and the Max Repels. So by subtracting the cost of the Super Repel from the cost of the Max Repel we get how much you save.

So we get 3000 – 2500 = 500

Which works out as every 1000 steps you save 500P by using Super Repels instead of Max Repels.

Happy Saving guys, don’t forget to leave a comment saying what you would like to see in a future trainer tips and it may get posted!

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12 Responses to “Trainer Tips: Repels”

  1. Univpark says:

    Wow! Now I can save more cash!


    • RaltsFTW says:

      HGSS probably had the worst money situation. if you chose to save your money (which really is a good idea) you end up with half the usual amount when it comes to the early battles. this was a big problem for me because i wanted to catch alot of unown in the ruins of alph but i still didn’t have enough money to buy enough pokeballs. not to mention unown are easier later in the game when you have access to ultra and repeat balls.

      • Univpark says:

        Well, I was replaying HG/SS the other day, and I kept losing, over and over, to Clair.

        After I saved my money, too…

        And that is my mom sent me some berries that solved the whole situation…

        I guess she bought a new outfit after that…

        • Squall says:

          I never really lost to Clair. I just recently beat her too. Ampharos used Discharge to kill of Gyarados, then I had my Lapras using Ice Beam and Ice Shard to kill off the Dragonairs. To beat the Kingdra, I had to use my wall of defense (Lapras) and just basically heal. I always keep Revives on me to help. Not to mention my Lapras had Water Absorb ability, making Hydro Pump useless. And my team was in the mid thirties aside from Pidgetto and my Nidorino.

          Usually when I start my SS, I usually pick Cyndaquil, get a Pidgey, and a Mareep and that’s my team for basically the first three gyms.

          I’ve played GSC and SS so much, so I know what Pokemon I need that’d be useful.

          • RaltsFTW says:

            my problem w/ Gyarados is i never seem to end up with an electric type in my team so i always have to powerhouse against it. i wish you could buy Max Revives (Revival Herbs work well too) cause a regular revive doesn’t heal enough and i always get knoced out again right away.YOU WERE ONLY IN THE MID-THIRTIES!!!????? my pokemon were at least 50s by Blackthorn Gym. i would think by focusing on fewer pokemon yours would be stronger. i always start with Cyndaquil too(when in doubt, bring out the Flamethrower :P) but i catch every pokemon i see that i don’t already have, then pick the highest leveled among them (that leaves me with a team of high levels but little training, but it works!) i’m not all for strategy and building up, i mostly like to 100% complete the game, and its difficult to do it all at the same time especially with my attention span.

          • Squall says:

            I always have a team of six Pokemon that are strong against another part of my team. My team when I fought her was Lapras, Amphros, Typhlosion, Pigetto, Espeon, and Nidorino (derp Pokemon).

        • RaltsFTW says:

          i always run back to get my money back, so she doesn’t buy too much for me… :P

  2. RaltsFTW says:

    very nice! however, i just buy 5 of every item, 1 of every battle item, and 10 of everypokeball, and i’m good. your kind of strategy is very useful for most of the games, but for BW, i swear you never have to worry about money,since the trainers give you so much in prize money, not to mention that you start BW with more because of the two battles right off. my best stategy is to ALWAYS have my pokemon hold and amulet coin. it prevents swimmers from being useless and makes my day after battling rich kids :P

  3. Olamarr says:

    great tip, funny how that work’s out.

  4. Aditya Nese says:

    thanks for the tip!

  5. radioactivehylian says:

    Nintendo: tricking us into wasting more money on repels since 1998 xD. Anyways, thanks for the tip.

    • Flaming Lemons says:

      Even in a video game Nintendo is tricking us into spending more money… yup that’s Nintendo! XD

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