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Okay so it is time for both news and my final post before I dissapear for a week. So pay attention and follow the jump for a large news update.

Okay so the BIG news today is that Japan are getting a Pikachu Yellow 3DS LL (Known as 3DS XL in EU/US/AUS) This thing looks awesome and I demand nintendo do a global release for it…because I want one and I know most of you probably do too. It costs 18,900 yen and is only available in Pokemon Centres in Japan. The Pikachu Decal covers the entirety of the outer casing whilst the inside of the console is white. I would buy a 3DS XL in a hearbeat if we got this awesome design, but I doubt we will.

Next on the agenda is the release of Pokemon Typing Adventure for Nintendo DS. This game features a bluetooth keyboard and is set to be released in Europe on September 21st 2012. The professor in this game is called Quentin Werty (Yes…that’s seriously his name) and his assistant is called Paige Down (Okay, throw this game into Mount Ember and try harder next time!) with those details I know I will be avoiding this title at all costs as I hate stupidly childish puns like those. But if you want to get it feel free.

The last little bit of news is that the Dragons Exalted expansion to the TCG has been released.

Keep checking back for more Pokemon News I shall see you all in one weeks time! TTFN!

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12 Responses to “A News Update!”

  1. ROFL those character names, also I would love that 3DS XL but I have recently bought a 3DS so it is unlikely I’ll be able tp afford one.

  2. zoriusth says:

    O_O Now I want a 3DS XL … well I wanted it ever since Zelda OoT3D

  3. Aaron Laye says:

    I want this so I can finally have a japanese 3DS to play japanese exclusives like Monster Hunter 3G. That, and because this will be a valuable piece of merch sooner or later ;)

  4. rayquaza99 says:

    why does japan get all the good pokemon stuff. :(

  5. triforceofepicness6636 says:


  6. triforceofepicness6636 says:

    It looks like Pikachu has nipples. And a freckle in his armpit.

  7. radioactivehylian says:

    Quentin Werty? Seriously? *facepalm*

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