Staff Needed: News Posters!


Hey all, this will be my second ever staff drive, and now we’re looking for some new faces to show on our news team! As you can probably see, our current news team is dreadfully overworked, and we need some people to take a little bit of the load and cover more ground around the web for all of the Pokemon news we can gather to put up here on the site. The requirements are very basic, and to check them out hit the jump and hopefully send in an application!


  • Frequent access to the internet
  • Good grammar, punctuation, etc.
  • A thirst for Pokemon knowledge!
  • Skype chat program (free to download)
  • If you feel like you’d be good for the job, very little HTML knowledge is required and all you really need to know is simple copy/pasting. To send in your application, visit our openings page to send in your own application and I’ll get back to you on your provided Skype account ASAP!

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11 Responses to “Staff Needed: News Posters!”

  1. RaltsFTW says:

    overloaded? i suppose that’s why there hasn’t been any news lately, i’m sure you guys are busy especially with school for pretty much everybody starting back up. also anyone else notice something weird with the Pokemon Power Bracket? it was supposed to end the 22nd but its the 23rd and i can still vote. :/ also this article has been up for a day and nobocy has commented… WHERE IS EVERYBODY?! :P

    • triforceofepicness6636 says:

      We haven’t checked because there hasn’t been news!

      • Aditya Nese says:

        not anymore. MEW WON!

      • Midnafan says:

        what are you talking about?! the release of Dragons Exalted in America, the reveal of Keldeo, Mew winning the Pokemon Power Bracket, the big Pokedex 3D update starting August 31st. a ton of stuff had been going on, and Serebii and have been reporting it like crazy. sure, we’ve had alot bigger news periods, but that’s not much of an excuse for PD not to report anything for over a week. they need the people like me hwo have nothing to do right now but surf the internet to post news. too bad i can’t apply :)

    • JJgenesis says:

      I went on holiday, William disapeared, Hirok has dissapeared, SilverLugia has dissapeared and everyone else has been busy…but I’m back now.

      • RaltsFTW says:

        cool, hopefully we’ll get some news now. wish the news didn’t have to start just as i start school and will no longer be able to use the internet during the week :'(

  2. Pikamouth says:

    do you have to be a certain age to apply?

    • Blu_Lizalfos says:

      You must be at least 16 or older. (Anyone younger may require training that the rest of the staff doesn’t have time for.) Sadly that means I can’t apply… but that’s okay. :P

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