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Hey guys JJGenesis here bringing you more trainer tips. This week is about unofficial challenges you can set yourself while playing the game to allow a different experience. Inside are just a few of my favourites!

The Pokemon games are all fun games with a great story and such they have some replay value, but what do you do when it reaches the point where you know every part of the story off by heart? Well, I like to add little challenges to the game to increase the difficulty or change the overall experience of the game. Below this are just a few of them.

Floor Items/Gifts only: This one is pretty self explainatory, for this run of the game you can only use items you find on the floor or are given by other characters in the game. The only exception allowed is the purchasing of evolutionary stones in Kanto.

Nuzlocke Run: This is probably the most well known challenge run for a Pokemon Game and in my opinion is the most difficult. A nuzlocke run is a run of the game where you must capture the first Pokemon you see on a route, if you miss it or KO it then you can no longer catch Pokemon on the route for the remainder of the game. Another rule in the Nuzlocke run is that any member of your team that faints can also no longer be used and must be placed in a PC box or they must be released. The final main rule is that if you run out of Pokemon in your team that you can use and you have no “Living” Pokemon left your game is over and must be restarted. Some optional rules include, Pokeball limits, Banning use of legendaries and Using the Set battle style.

No outsiders: This one is easy, aside from the ingame trades you cannot trade new Pokemon to your game. You also cannot trade Pokemon away with the intention of teaching it moves via TMs that you do not have access to yet.

Friendly competition: For this game you need to have a friend who has the opposite version to yours and you have to be able to challenge each other to battles after every gym. To choose starters you must flip a coin the winner then gets to choose their starter Pokemon, the loser then has to choose the Pokemon that is weak to the other trainers Pokemon. After this you can make your teams out of any Pokemon you wish but you must include at least one Pokemon that is version exclusive to your respective games. One battle takes place after each gym with the final battle occuring after the elite 4 this creates a total of 9 battles to prevent any 4-4 ties. This is intended as a little bit of friendly competition and the winner is the person who wins the most battles against their friend.

These are just a few of the ways I enjoy when I want to get a different experience from my Pokemon games. If you have any interesting ways of making the games different then let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to keep checking back for more Pokemon News!

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19 Responses to “Trainer Tips: Added Challenge!”

  1. radioactivehylian says:

    Hm too bad you didn’t mention my favorite challenges, the solo run and monotype run. For those who don’t know, in a solo run you are only allowed to use one Pokémon, aside from HM slaves. Usually, you can’t evolve it. In monotype runs, you’re only allowed to use Pokémon from one specific type. Depending on what rules you use, you can also have dualtypes. I once did a Typhlosion solo run on Heartgold. It was really boring and easy. By the 7th gym, he was already lvl 50… I should’ve kept it a cyndaguil solo run. I’m now working on a water monotype run, also on Heartgold. Man that’s fun. Anyways, I didn’t know about the Floor Items only run and it seems interesting to me. I’ll definitely try that one day.

    • RaltsFTW says:

      those sound hard. but of course Typhlosion would be easy cause for one its the beginner level starter in that game so if you want a real challenge use Chikorita/Meganium, the expert level starter and two its a powerhouse anyways. i’m surprised yours was lv 50 by the 7th gym, mine always reaches that lv way before that

      • radioactivehylian says:

        Hm weird. Did you powergrind or something? And I started that run because I wanted to see how OP Typhlosion really is. I underestimated it quite a bit…

        • RaltsFTW says:

          no i never powergrind. i do take advantage of every single trainer and daily battles, but i don’t battle wild pokemon at all. i just keep Typhlosion at the front of my team always and it levels up like crazy. it always evolves into Quilava by the first gym. luckily my current Typhlosion is female so it had an easy time against Whitney’s Demon Cow, Miltank. :P

  2. LegendOfTwili says:

    Is it just me that does No Outsiders the first time they run through the game anyway?

    • JJgenesis says:

      No, you can still easily trade with friends the first time you play a game.

      • LegendOfTwili says:

        Oh no, I understand that. I was simply saying I can’t remember a time that I’ve personally traded Pokémon into a game the first time I’ve played through it. :)

        • RaltsFTW says:

          i did in White cause i really wanted a Gothita. its also necessary if you want to complete the pokedex. honestly though i agree it doesn’t really make the game challenging like the item one might. btw you have an awesome profile picture :D

          • LegendOfTwili says:

            Oh yeah, obviously to complete the Pokédex I trade, but up until the credits I only use Pokémon I’ve caught myself, and thanks. :D

          • RaltsFTW says:

            i think once i discovered trading i started doing it like crazy. i plan on using the GTS in Platinum to get a Feebas (i know i’m lazy). i’ll just offer up my Shiny Suicune, its weak and i already have 2 anyways :P

  3. You-Know-Who says:

    I rarely buy stuff from shops anyway, only when going for the Elite 4. I dont trade with anyone ever since my cousing gave me Ariados Lvl 60 on Pearl while the rest of my team was at 20 and pretty much screwed myself up (it was my 1st Pokemon game).

  4. zoriusth says:

    here’s another challenge that me and will did a few weeks ago. only use one gender for all pokemon so no genderless pokemon whatsoever I played through the hardest version with only females then we mixed in the friendly competition method: kinda like battle of the sexes lol

    • JJgenesis says:

      That’s just stupid imo.

      • RaltsFTW says:

        i know some people that refuse to catch anything other than male pokemon. while this doesn’t present much of a challenge in the gameplay, it can be quite difficult to do. for example, if you’re trying to get all female pokemon, you may have to start your game over several times as its not as common to get a female starter. and some species like Gardevoir or Miltank do come male but only 10-25% of the time (Gardevoir isn’t wild so that doesn’t really count) so yeah, while difficult to do, it doesn’t make the game anymore challenging, and its only difficult to do if they’re trying to get every single pokemon its possible with. still kinda stupid though

    • wafflegoat says:

      thats pretty stupid. Most of my pokemon are male on all my games but it’s just coincidence.

  5. RaltsFTW says:

    these are very interestng and that Nuzlocke Run sounds crazy! for me its completely unnecessary/impossible to do multiple playthrough as i have too many events i do not want to lose and because i constantly participate in daily and weekly events, i spend most of a single day doing those and make little progress through the actual game. :) although it isn’t a new way to play, 100% completing a pokemon game is very difficult especially with the newer games as there is SO much to do and it all changes each day. by 100% i mean every pokemon every item every event etc. also if you finish and can afford it, train for tournaments or better yet the Championships!

  6. James Best says:

    These sound pretty challenging.

  7. wafflegoat says:

    Nuzlocke Run sounds mad! I am still on my original profile on heartgold because i’ve just become too attached to it. Seriously, I think the time I’ve played is something like 365 hours! However, on Black I’ve only played about 100 hours. I know its newer but it just shows the difference in quality.

  8. bob says:

    i like the friendly competitions, when black and White two come out maybe ill di it with my brother:)

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