Trainer Tips: Spelunking


What’s up guys. Sorry for bringing the Trainer Tips a little late in the day, I’ve got tons of stuff to get done lately with school coming up and all. But Furthermore, you will get you’re tip after the jump!

Today’s Tip for you guys is kind of basic and is simply…go spelunking. For those of you who don’t know what this word means, it is pretty much a more complex way of saying exploring. I know so many people who don’t explore stuff in the Pokemon series or they skip through all the dialouge then ask for help later. If you have O.C.D.G (Obsessive Compulsive Dissorder for Gaming) like I do and you need to get ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Then this would be the number one tip. Like really, If you see a mysterious cave, then by all means, go inside! If you see an abandoned power plant said to have a wild powerful Pokémon rampaging inside, then go inside it despite the pleas of the engineers! If you see a long tower leading up to the tips of the Earth where the primal Pokémon of the sky that can easily tear you apart lives, then start climbing that tower! You won’t get anywhere if you just stick to catching Pokémon that appear randomly in some National Park! Go adventuring, find some treasure, find some strong kick-ass Pokémon!

Well that’s that for the day guy’s, like I said, sorry for running a little late. Leave questions and comments below and enjoy the rest of you’re (Insert Time of Day)!

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11 Responses to “Trainer Tips: Spelunking”

  1. RaltsFTW says:

    i totally have OCDG! that’s why i always get a guidebook and it takes me months to years to finish a game that is only a few hours long. i HAVE to get everything in the game, and the later games have made it much more diffficult to do so. trust me, William you don’t have to tell me twice! i’m actually glad you did this short article, cause i’m tired of people criticizing me for taking so long to enjoy everything the game has to offer. the problem with pokemon is that it is difficult to get everything and power grind at the same time, you have to have patience to do both. for me, my teams strength and skill usually suffers for the sake of exploration.

  2. Flaming Lemons says:

    I agree completely I have a cousin who sometimes plays Pokemon and is always asking me for help because he skips through all dialog, doesn’t explore and then tells me “What do I do next” and I tell him well did you read it?! It’s annoying! He does the same thing for Zelda and any other game series that I like and then he claims that he likes playing those games, which he doesn’t even play, he can’t beat a game by himself ( he’s almost 10) when I was his age and playing video games I paid attention to EVERY little detail and ALL dialog! He once asked for a game file in Ocarina of time 3D I figured why not and let him play while I sat next to him and watched. Then I’d tell him to talk to someone in the game and he’d spam the (A) button and skip through all the dialog then he’d say “they didn’t do anything” then I’d tell him “YES THEY DID, THEY GAVE YOU VALUABLE INFORMATION!” Whenever it got a little tough or challenging he’d say “you do it” or he’d be playing and then he’d say “hear” while he gets up to watch TV or do something else then comes back to see how I’m doing on HIS game file, then begs me to let him play on his file whenever he sees me (yet he doesn’t even accomplish anything, then just walks away like he’s bored with it!?) BASICALLY he plays a video game for the story and not for FUN! Or plays a video game just for the fact he’s playing a video game? He shouldn’t call himself a gamer, which he does!

    Oops sorry
    Rant over.

  3. KoopaTroopa says:

    *looks at massive blocks of text below*
    OCD-FREAKIN-G FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. LegendOfTwili says:

    Is it still called OCDG if it’s just a sub-section of normal OCD?

  5. triforceofepicness6636 says:

    At First I read COD and I’m like wtf? A Call of duty article on PD?

  6. James Best says:

    Sounds like sage advice. Also, don’t forget to bring repels to keep all the annoying Zubats at bay.

  7. You-Know-Who says:

    Gasp! You have OCDG, too???

  8. rayquaza99 says:

    I must have it because my friends try to skip ever trainer when i have to battle ever one and become a pokemon master. OH and go rayquaza and destroy mew.

  9. Lazaro says:

    So I have O.C.D.G… For Zelda, Pokémon and all Nintendo games!
    If I forget something in a game, I start it all over again…

  10. RaltsFTW says:

    jeez don’t you think this is a really long news break despite how big this site has already gotten? i’m bored :(

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