Unlock Genesect for Pokedex 3D Pro and Pokedex iOS



Almost a week ago we reported on the revealed code to unlock Genesect on the Japanese version of Pokedex Pro. Today the code for the international version has been revealed, as well as Pokedex for iOS. While the iOS unlocking is pretty straightforward there are a few easy steps you need to take in the 3D Pro version. Find the codes and instructions after the jump!

pokedexforios_genesectThe code for Pokedex 3D Pro is PHSKUTDF
Go to the Pokémon Challenge and enter the code. You will be prompted to answer a few quiz questions. Don’t worry about getting them correct, all you need to do is try for this to work and Genesect will be added to your Pokedex.

The code for Pokedex for iOS is SNMPSCTP
All you need to do is put the code into the search field, hit enter and Genesect will be added to your dex!


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2 Responses to “Unlock Genesect for Pokedex 3D Pro and Pokedex iOS”

  1. Vaati101 says:

    Wait so they reveal Genesect but not Meloetta? that’s a little weird, you’d think because Meloetta is available in Japan already they would of revealed Meloetta internationally. Oh well looks like we will have to wait longer, still it would of made sense to reveal Meloetta first.

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