Eevee and Lemurs


Eevee MadPokemon has helped me understand a wide variety of things in the real world by being relatable to some aspects in Pokemon. I love this value that has come from the Pokemon series, and is how some games or anime have been attractive for me to go back and watch after several years. I just like to share how a particular experience has helped me, and I want to hear if you have had a similar experience. Read on to find out more.

First let me explain the title. Lemurs and Eevee? Lemurs have been in Madagascar for a long time, but they are unique to the island. They used to cover the whole island but are now only in roughly 10% of the island. They share traits with early primates, but since being isolated have become their own species. This is not where the comparison comes in, but since they first arrived there are now over 100 different species on the island. They arrived as one species, and now there are more. Why are there more? Different needs means different adaptability, so they change depending upon floral diversity and rainfall. Some Lemurs, although from the same original monkey-thing, have now become so different they cannot share the same habitat.

eevee-evolutionsHow does this come into Eevee? Well it’s evolutions. It wasn’t so well with the original 3, but with the addition of Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon and Galceon, you can see how the environment changes the way the Pokemon evolves and therefore what you have as an end product. This is how Pokemon has helped me understand the Lemurs in Madagascar. Night and Day, Ice rock and Moss rock. The surroundings have changed how Eevee continues in the world, much the same way that the Lemurs changed due to spiny trees, food available or just too much rain.

Pokemon has helped me in so many other ways, like understanding as a kid what agility was. It was never explained, but I learnt the word through the game. I have learned many words this way, through Pokemon and other anime/games. The games have taught me to think ahead, maybe too much for my own good, but it’s not bad.It has taught me that some things, you just gotta make the best out of. And the most important thing; The Friend Zone.

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4 Responses to “Eevee and Lemurs”

  1. Chris Cartagena says:

    I’ll give you 50 dollars if you can turn a lemur into a fish/fox hybrid

  2. ...... says:

    That is some interesting timing. Making an article about Eevee and its evolutions before CoroCoro revealing the new Eevolution.

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