Plasma Storm Misprint Charizard Added to TCG Errata


136-charizardDuring the last two weekends, many lucky pre-release tournament players have opened up packs with a shiny new Charizard, one of the most prized secret rares in the new Plasma Storm Trading Expansion. The card is a reprint of normal Boundaries Crossed Expansion version. However, there was something else that was “different” about the card. The Pokemon Company International has recently acknowledged the error and has added the card to the TCG errata document. More info along with the misprint in question after the jump.

Can you spot what is wrong?

The attack Scorching Fire requires one fighting energy to use, instead of a fire energy. Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time this has happened to poor Charizard, as Blaine’s Charizard fell victim to a very similar misprint in the Gym Challenge expansion during the Wizards of the Coast era.

As I mentioned, The Pokemon Company International has already acknowledged and added the misprint to the Pokemon TCG Errata. Future print runs of Plasma Storm will more than likely have the corrected version, but just how soon this was found will determine how valuable this card will end up being.

Credit to PokeBeach for Card Scan

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