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So just as I was getting ready to write about some of the older Pokemon, a new Eeveelution got leaked. Alright then! Well, we know next to nothing about this Pokemon, but I’ll still review it as well as I can. Eventually I’ll talk about it in detail among the rest of the different Eevee evolutions.

Ninfia is the Japanese name (the English name is unknown, although we can be pretty sure it’s going to have some “EON” in there) of a confirmed new evolution for Eevee. Ninfia’s type is unknown, though, so we don’t know what element it adds to the Eeveelution roster.

Ninfia’s design is pretty good overall. Not entirely my style but not something I have an aversion to, either. It’s a simplistic mammal, something between a fox and a cat; it looks a lot like Eevee’s other forms, and even continues the exact same look of the eyes. Eevee has never been my favorite Pokemon and nor have its evolutions, but it’s a functional design, very simple, and very effective. Its evolutions have always extended that simplicity to include a specific elemental theme, but otherwise keep it intact. In short, all of Eevee’s forms are simple and cute, but extend the same base design over a lot of different themes. Ninfia would appear to continue this.

However, I’m concerned about Ninfia’s typing. At base, Ninfia’s design appears to be an appropriate extension of the basic Eeveelution look, and fits in well with what we’ve seen before. But that only works if the extended design fits a theme; its type. So what type of Pokemon is Ninfia?

Pikachu, what the hell are you doing here?!

Ninfia is basically an extremely whimsical Eeveelution. With bright pink and blue coloring on top of a paler pink, bows and ribbons, and a cheerful demeanor, Ninfia looks prettier and cuter than any existing Eeveelution. But it brings to mind no existing type except one: Normal. Several elements of its color scheme mimic those of many Normal-type Pokemon, particularly ones like Chansey, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Audino, and their evolutions. These fairy-like Pokemon are all cute and pretty, emphasizing all of the same traits that make up Ninfia’s design. So could Ninfia be a pure-Normal Eeveelution?

I hope so. The only other explanation that would fit is an entirely new type, perhaps the rumored and speculated Light type. But I’m skeptical we’ll see a new type (them having not revealed the type yet means nothing; they haven’t revealed the types for the starters or legendaries yet, either) and no other typing fits Ninfia’s design well in any way… Some think Ninfia’s name implies “ninja”, and therefore it’s Fighting, but then how does its design work? Flying? Bug? Steel? Ghost? There are tangent reasons why any of these could fit Ninfia’s design, but none of them withstand scrutiny; they don’t truly make sense.

If Ninfia is any type other than Normal or something new, then it’s a bad design; even if it looks good on its own, it wouldn’t fit in with either the rest of the Eeveelutions or its type. Nothing about it works with other types. But if it’s Normal, or something we haven’t seen before, then it’s a great design that works well. It’s actually giving me a lot of optimism for this Generation of Pokemon, because I actually am betting on it being Normal, and therefore I think it’s probably a good design. I’m hoping Ninfia, alongside Pokemon like Xerneas and Yveltal, are going to be the rule rather than the exception this Generation, because they’re good designs and are really getting me excited this time around.

Of course, Eevee and its evolutions are mostly male, so chances are most Ninfia are going to be male too.

Yeah… That’s going to be weird.

But how about you? How do you feel about Ninfia’s design? Any thoughts as to its typing? How do you think it compares to previous Eeveelutions? Tell me in the comments!

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12 Responses to “Pokemon Designs: Ninfia”

  1. queenkoopa says:

    Yea Pikachu WTF? No, really I think its a cute Pokemon. I could go without the bows though!

    • hyourinmaru says:

      yep, agreed. the bows just kill the design. so much potiential ruined…like ghirrhim. well design wise anyway ghirihim is still awesome. its just the ear ring and holes in pants and shirt ruined his design…like the bows…

  2. it does look kinda dragonish, elegance!

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  4. Zachary Morris says:

    I think it’s going to be a Bug type based on the butterfly in it’s hair and the big blue bug eyes.

    And the fact that Normal is already taken by Eevee.

  5. Allen Ryals says:

    It kinda looks like eevee mixed with milotic to me. I was thinking dragon cause of that.

  6. zoriusth says:

    Hmm… seems as interesting as a female Mr. Mime lol

  7. Xerneas says:

    I hope it’s either light or flying because it’s so happy and has flowing ribbons

  8. Patrick says:

    Sylveon..interesting name

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