TCG Plasma Freeze Announced for May, Features New Blister Design


581149_554201844598157_450942665_n The next English expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game has been announced. Plasma Freeze is the second set to feature Plasma Pokemon. It will be the English equivalent to Japan’s Thunder Knuckle and Spiral Force which featured Pokemon were therian forme Thundurus and Deoxys respectively. Plasma Freeze will be accompanied by the usual two theme decks which will feature one of each Gen IV Eeveelution duo Leafeon and Glaceon.

Take the jump to see a sneak peek at the packaging images courtesy of PokeCollection.

This set will also include a new blister design very similar to what Magic: The Gathering has recently come out with: The booster will come in a small box featuring one booster design from the set and will eliminate having to use plastic. I’m a huge fan of the 2D booster pack art we’ve been getting the past few sets, and I think they will look gorgeous on the new packaging, especially the one featuring Absol. Not to mention they will hopefully be much easier to open.


Source: PokeCollection

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    i wish i would get the demo of gates to infinity but meh Nintendo wouldn’t connect with the

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