Pokemon Smash Livestream- Done!


537381_331763630278921_1475243590_n The Stream is over! Thanks once again to ZephyrSonic for streaming the show. A new Pokemon has been revealed, but nothing else this week. Read the play-by-play after the jump.

Original Post:
In just a few minutes, ZephyrSonics Pokemon Smash Livestream will begin!

We are expecting a new Pokemon to be revealed during this weeks episode, but most likely the announcement will come after the Pokemon repeat during the first half hour of the show. I’ll be live blogging everything that goes on, so don’t worry about missing anything. Make the jump to watch the stream!

5:36: They showed the preview again at the beginning of the show, as well as the Pokemon using what looked like a shadowball from behind the question mark. Now they are showing a DPP era episode.

5:48: Here a screenshot I nabbed for those who missed it:


6:00 Episode is over! News coming any time now! Talking about X and Y starters.

6:02: They are going to torture us with Pokemon Smash antics.

6:09: Mewtwos form has been confirmed? Or a new Pokemon all together?


6:28: It looks like that is going to be it as far as news is concerned, they are having a B2W2 Battle. Here is a bigger picture. Here is the video for those who missed it!

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8 Responses to “Pokemon Smash Livestream- Done!”

  1. Carlos Guerrero Landestoy says:

    Hail to the King!!!
    He once was the most powerfull pokemon I hope he come back to his throne.

  2. Maxxy says:

    How do you know it’s a Mewtwo form? It might be Mewthree. Do you understand Japanese?

    • HachiNuu says:

      No still not sure if it’s related or not. Holding out on posting our news post until there is a firm answer on that, or we get the official english announcement which should be posted hopefully soon!

  3. EzioCRossfire says:

    OK it wasn’t photoshopped. His toes look like crap, but other than that, looks cool.

  4. Flaming Lemons says:

    HE’S REAL!!!!!?
    OH MY GOD! XD :D :| :D D: :) :’D
    not really sure how to react to this…

  5. pokemon brown says:

    He looks even less like Mewtwo than he did on those posters. I’m betting on Mewthree

  6. SATAN666 says:

    This is the big news? FML

  7. oshawottanastas says:


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