New PMD: Gates to Infinity DLC Now Available For Europe


pokemonThe European version of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity have three new DLC’s available for download starting today. They feature a dungeon full of friendly Tepig just waiting to join your team, a road full of donuts, and a 60 floor endurance test against some of the strongest Pokemon around.

Mount Tepid (Price: 1,50 €, Difficulty: ★★★) is a 12 floor dungeon full of Tepig that are easy to befriend. You can also find the dungeons unique item “Fire Device”- a special item which grants you a permanent stats boost to the fire Pokemon that receives it.

Treat Road (Price: 2,00 €, Difficulty: ★★★) is a delicious detour, full of special confectioneries you can only find in this dungeon. Mini Donuts, Donuts, and Big Donuts will give you experience with every bite. You’ll need to work off those calories, so it’s a good thing this dungeon is 20 floors long!

Strongest Trail (Price: 2,50 €, Difficulty: ★★★★★) is not for the faint of heart. It is a 60 floor dungeon full of incredibly tough Pokemon. For those who can make it all the way through, you will be rewarded with the dungeon’s exclusive item: the Persistence Crown.

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3 Responses to “New PMD: Gates to Infinity DLC Now Available For Europe”

  1. Midnafan says:

    I wish these DLCs had been a little more, like having secret boss battles or events like the stories you could unlock in Sky. Once you beat the game, it’s boring as crud, with a poor excuse for a post-ending, i wish the DLCs had fixed that… and what the heck is with the Ultimate Dungeon being the only 99 floor dungeon?! Blue Rescue Team had at least 2! :(

    • Lucas Anderson says:

      I was really excited for the feature, no more having to remake the game for additional story line but then was seriously bummed when it was just stupid dungeons. :L

      2 dollars for floors of nonstop chests..

      I thought call of duty was ridiculous. :L

      • Midnafan says:

        see, this game was my first real experience with DLCs, and is why i’m a little anxious about the idea of Nintendo putting DLCs into Zelda. there could’ve at least been more of these, the game’s post-ending is just too short. :(

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