Are You Ready for the Pokemon U.S. National Championships?



Pokemon Nationals being held this year at the Indiana Convention Center will begin tomorrow, July 5th and will run through the 7th with pre-registration starting today. The official Pokemon Twitter tweeted a helpful checklist for those of you who are attending the three day event.

As with any Pokemon event, it’s vital that you are well prepared with the basics: remember your game cartridges, decks, DS chargers. Wearing comfortable clothing and staying hydrated will help keep you playing at your best through the entire event. They also manage to sprinkle in some more playful suggestions such as not forgetting your lucky Poke Swag, as well as reminding everyone that going to Nationals without a backwards hat could quickly label you as a newbie in the eyes of your opponents. (Bonus Points if you wear an Official Pokemon League Expo hat)

Good luck to everyone at Nationals in both the Video Game and Trading Card Game divisions, especially those of you still looking to qualify for Worlds!

Source: Twitter

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