First Pokemon X and Y TCG Announcement


xy-beginning-sets-dxThe first Trading Card Game Products for Generation VI has just been revealed. The Pokemon “X/Y Beginning Set” comes in two varieties, with one featuring the male protagonist and the other the female protagonist. Each set comes with three 30 card decks, each featuring one of the new starters: Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie. It also includes a DVD with a tutorial on how to play the Pokemon TCG, a rulebook, damage counters, and a coin. There will also be a deluxe tin version of each set is available, which comes with several extra’s including a deck box, card sleeves, a notebook, and some stickers.

Keep in mind these sets are most likely Japan exclusives, but at least some of the cards will find their way into the other language X and Y Expansions. A Similar set was released for the fifth generation of Pokemon, and was also revealed prior to the games release.



Source: PokeBeach

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