Honedge Revealed in Masuda’s Translated Message


Following on from yesterday’s reveal of the sword Pokémon, Monorpale, the Pokémon Company has finally uploaded Junichi Masuda’s Message translated into English. We now have more details on the Pokémon which you can find out in the video above or make the jump to read for yourself.


Monopale, or Hitotsuki as it is known in Japan, will be known as Honedge in English speaking games. It is said that when a departed spirit possesses a sword that belonged to humans, Honedge comes into being. The cloth that is attached on it’s hilt can be used as an arm and as we can see in some screenshots, Honedge uses it to unsheathe it’s blade. Pokémon trainers who carelessly take this blade in hand may have their energy drained by the blue cloth wrapped around them. Naturally this Pokémon can learn Swords Dance and this is shown off in some of the screenshots below.


I have to say this Pokemon is quite interesting. It’s background is decent and I quite like the whole concept to it’s design. It’s type Matchup is quite good with potentially 2 weaknesses unless it has levitate as an ability like most ghost type Pokémon. let’s hear what you have to say about Honedge. What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it? Do you think is has an evolution or pre-evolution? Do you think it won’t evolve at all? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Official Pokémon YouTube Channel

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15 Responses to “Honedge Revealed in Masuda’s Translated Message”

  1. Kyrushi says:

    I personally think it’s a pretty nice concept, although without the sheath the design isn’t all too great. I’m hoping it’ll evolve into something with a more complex design. If it doesn’t evolve, I think it could still work with a little more “oomf.” They said that the spirit possesses swords of those who passed, yes? What if we had a spinda-type of creativity by having several different sword designs? I’d love that even more than an evolution to be honest.

    • Midnafan says:

      that’d be pretty cool, different sheath designs, that flower Pokemon already comes with different colors, so it could happen. Pokemon has a tendency to have only one Pokemon per generation have a certain gimmick to keep it unique, but given XY’s focus on beauty, maybe they’ll do more to give variety and uniqueness to individual species of Pokemon.

  2. Midnafan says:

    Honedge: interesting as a concept, not so much as a Pokemon, not to sure how much i like the idea of inanimate objects as Pokemon, but like i said, still a really cool concept. I also like the design on the sheath, and Swords Dance looks really cool in those screen shots. Honedge doesn’t really seem like a Pokemon that would evolve, but it might be kind of cool if it does.

    • Kyrushi says:

      But we already have several inanimate objects as pokemon.. we’ve had some like that since gen 1. Besides, it’s a spirit that is possessing a sword. Rotom did similar if you remember.

      • Midnafan says:

        Gen 1 didn’t really have inanimate objects, living plants, rocks and Magnemite are as close as it gets, but you can’t place them next to real life objects and have them look almost exactly the same, like Trubbish, and a lot of people really didn’t like Trubbish. like i said, good concept, Rotom is a good Pokemon too. but i think the spirit possessing the sword would make a better Pokemon than the sword itself, or if it actually showed itself in battle. :)

        • Altair_420 says:

          Trubbish was like gen 5’s grimer, roggenrola was like geodude, munna / drowzee, it seems like they were trying to do a ‘reboot’ on gen 1in gen5 with how similar a lot of the designs and evolution lines are.

          • Midnafan says:

            oh definitely, and they (kind of) stated it as their mission when making Gen 5. they talked about looking at things they based Pokemon on in the past and had tossed out the window so as not to create repeats, and brought them back in to make the new Pokemon. while many of them were great re-imaginings, they didn’t get very original with them. Woobat could have at least had a name that didn’t sound exactly like Zubat given its new design. and as for Grimer vs Trubbish, since they’re the same concept i think Grimer wins cause it does the concept better, protests pollution, and isn’t a walking-talking trash bag. which isn’t bad, but when you think about it like that… hm. :/

          • Altair_420 says:

            For me it just takes time to get used to the new designs, ive had some 15 years to get used to (and love) gen 1, and only recently have I started accepting some of the 5th gen designs alongside my kanto/johto favorites. Im still trying to accept mewtwos new form……… X and Y look fantastic so im not too worried about it though, I wonder if any older pokemon will get new evolutions now that theres a new type.

          • Midnafan says:

            X and Y do look awesome, my favorite is Xerneas. As for Gen 5 some i loved right away others i didn’t. like Reshiram was a little weird to me at first, but then i regretted buying White Version because after seeing it in-game it looked way more epic than Zekrom. but Pokemon like Gothita i fell in love with the second i saw it (mostly because it was a re-make of Ralts, the Pokemon that made me fall in love with the series in the first place.)

          • Altair_420 says:

            Ralts….. that reminds me of wally from hoenn, good times.
            Im leaning towards Y version myself… looks like we’ll have to exchange friend codes before October, if you want to trade and battle.

          • Midnafan says:

            I want X version cause my favorite color is blue, and Xerneas looks so cool in the trailers. I love Pokemon Emerald, its probably my favorite game in the series thus far, and i like to say its the :”Ocarina of Time” of Pokemon (and others tend to agree. :P) having played OoT and Emerald despite having started with newer games in both series, i have to say that the games are similar in that they are both yet to be truly outmatched and both extremely fun to play, no matter what else they lack. And do you want to trade and battle with B2W2? cause as a disclaimer, despite being a Pokedex nut, i’m a bit stingy with trades and i suck at battles (i think my battle record in the PGL is 30 losses to 0 wins. :'() oh, and don’t worry about “before October”, cause if we do exchange friend codes, we’ll still be able to battle in the Wifi Club no matter what (though being there at the same time is difficult). its only Rating mode in the Global Battle that’ll shut down, which has nothing to do with friend codes. :)

          • Altair_420 says:

            I always go with the “red” version 1st, then play the “blue” after im finished and I’ve had a break from all the grinding to lvl100.

            My 3ds code is :
            Do you have meloetta ? I’d be willing to trade genesect or keldeo for it, im missing that pokedex entry =(.

      • Altair_420 says:

        I think honedge is more like banette than rotom. Rotom changed form when he inhabited the different machines, banette was a possessed doll with only one form.

  3. Jay Phill says:

    pokemon got me hyped for nothing i thought they would show more than one pokemon

    • Altair_420 says:

      Isnt it more fun to see new pokemon for the 1st time while youre playing the games?
      I ruined my diamond/pearl experience by watching someone play the jap. version on youtube before the us release.

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