Pokémon Global Link scheduled to shut down


Pokémon_Global_Link_logo For those of you who have been enjoying the Pokémon Global Link and all of its services, you will be upset to know that the Global Link for Pokémon Black version, White version, White 2 version & Black 2 version will be going offline completely by January 14th of next year. The reasoning is to make way for a new Global Link for the upcoming Pokémon X & Y games set to go online in October. Jump inside for more details.

On Tuesday 1st of October, the Global Link will undergo maintenance until the 12th of October, the day when Pokémon X & Y come out worldwide. On the same day new registration for the current Global Link will close and existing users will not be able to register additional games to their accounts. The demo version of the Global Link will also be unavailable.

On Tuesday 10th December, you will not be able to tuck in any more Pokémon. If you have any Pokémon tucked in however you can still wake them up. If you have any Pokémon tucked in, remember to make final C-Skin, Musical and Pokédex skin customizations for your game as you will not be able to do so after waking up your Pokémon.

Lastly on Tuesday the 14th January, the Global Link will go offline at the end of the day. If you still have Pokémon tucked in, you can still wake them up, but any Pokémon you befriended or any customizations you made on that day will not transfer to your game. Random Matchups in Rating Mode will not be available but Free Mode will remain online.

It’s a real shame that the Global Link will close, I would have thought it would remain open to those who won’t be getting Pokémon X & Y anytime soon when they come out. However now that we know, now is the good time to take full advantage of the Global Link, especially for those who haven’t been using the Dream World much. Starting from today we have exactly 3 months until the Global Link starts to close, so we have the whole of the Summer Holiday to get as many Dream World Pokémon as possible.

With the closure of the Pokémon Global Link, what are your feelings towards the service? Did you like the Global Link and the Dream World? How often did you use it? Are you disappointing that it will be coming to an end? Have you never cared about it until now? Still don’t care about it? Share your thoughts about the Global Link in the comments below.

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7 Responses to “Pokémon Global Link scheduled to shut down”

  1. pkmn-master-420 says:

    Im mad that the C gear skins cant be changed anymore, that seems as stupid as event pokemon disappearing from your game even though you met certain requirements to use them. its total bs in my opinion, im still excited for x y, I just hope they make any future c-gear skins (or whatever will be in xy) customizable in game with no connection needed except for the initial download just like an event pkmn works.

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  3. Nathaniel Lee Lewis says:

    I’m upset but I know there’s nothing I can do about it so I just try not to worry about it since I know that worrying is only going to make me feel worse

  4. Matthew F Pearce says:

    well that’s well and truly killed the franchise for me, I’ve already said I will NOT be getting X and Y, as it would be the only reason for buying a 3DS, now they’ve as good as killed the continuation of black and white 2 AS WELL, so my hats off to you, farewell pokemon community, I hope they treat you better in the future

  5. Wise pappa Venusaur says:

    Real mature there , pal.

  6. [email protected]
    That is the funniest email i’ve ever seen.

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