Pokemon XY Anime Season Poster & Clip


XY_series_posterA short clip giving us a first look int the XY Anime was shown during last week’s Pokemon Smash.

It starts with Ash getting off a plane in the Kalos Region with Pikachu, as well as a clip introducing the three starting Pokemon in what looks like Professor Sycamore’s lab. It shows Fennekin sneezing and it’s ears letting out hot embers, Chespin shows off his ability to sharpen the spikes on it’s head, and Froakie foams the bubbles around his neck. A poster for the season was also released featuring Ash, Pikachu, Professor Sycamore, and the starters. In the background is Lumiose City and it’s famous tower rendered in beautiful detail. Check it out as well as the footage after the jump.


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15 Responses to “Pokemon XY Anime Season Poster & Clip”

  1. Midnafan says:

    lol Froakie looks so derpy! XD i’m glad Ash looks taller in that outfit, the male character in the game looks ridiculously tall himself. And the HD keeps looking better and better, i’m really glad the cartoons have the quality of the movies now. :D

  2. Cross EMS says:

    Ways to fix the Anime

    1.Stop explaining typing and moves

    2.Quit making Ash seem like he know nothing about pokemon
    3.Have actual story’s and not so many Happy-helper eps.
    4.Have Ash actually age.
    (I can just imagine the hate this posts gonna get :P)

    • Gabriel Gomez says:

      i like it when the explain the moves, ash needs to remember stuff better, idc about ash aging, but it does create some paradoxes

      • Cross EMS says:

        THe explaining takes away from the enjoyment of watching the battle the battle, it’s annoying.
        Why, if he’s already seen them and knows about them?
        The 1 year anniversary short. XD

        • Midnafan says:

          this last series has been really ridiculous about the characters asking “Who’s the Pokemon?” then Team Rocket asks it, and then cut to commercial with “Who’s that Pokemon?!” “gee, i wonder who!” its not even trivia anymore, which is really annoying.

    • George Costas says:

      i would think ash would be like 12 or something would be better, but maybe the pokemon world has extremly long years

  3. Bulbasaur says:

    Chespin looks weird. The leaves on his head, looks more like spikes! :S

  4. light says:

    spoiler alert:he does not win the pokemon league for the 6th time.

    • Midnafan says:

      you know, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. while it does get really stale that without fail the guy they meet just before the league always wins it, its also a good message that winning isn’t the most important thing about the whole journey.

      • mastersword640 says:

        unless your playing the games… then the most important thing is winning.

        • Midnafan says:

          yup, so once you get the happy-go-lucky moral message out of the anime, you can say screw it all and win everything in the game. XD

  5. Ryan says:

    Instead of making the Anime for kids, The Pokemon Company should make a show for its older audience instead expaining that water is super effective against fire

    • Midnafan says:

      forget the show being childish, as of late, it’s felt like its really badly translated, which only adds to the immaturity.

      • George Costas says:

        if they make a good anime base it on pokemon special/adventures manga and the b2w2 anime trailers and let funimation do it

        • Midnafan says:

          i don’t know about the manga given their tendency to be a little odd ballish and a lot more violent, i definitely wish the anime was done by Funimation. and the trailers were cool.

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