Pokemon X and Pokemon Y- Super Training


BROuwC6CMAAhL_zA few weeks ago we reported that the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y players guide mentioned a new “Super Training” feature in his blurb. Today we finally have more information about this new game mechanics and it’s sure to shake up the way we train our Pokemon next generation.

Super Training is a new, out of battle method to train your Pokemon and will make it easier to raise their base stats. The process will start with Super Training Regimens. One of these Regimens is a mini game where your Pokemon is up against a huge Pokemon-shaped balloon, attempting to shoot balls into a goal. Completing Super Training Regimens will grant you Training Bags, which will allow your Pokemon to  raise it’s base stats outside of battle on it’s own.

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2 Responses to “Pokemon X and Pokemon Y- Super Training”

  1. Julian Delarosa says:

    hmm, if this adds to IVs and EVs, i could see it being a good thing

    still hoping for the ability to see them ingame

  2. Pokewarrior2000 says:

    Interesting. A very…different kind of mini-game. I can’t wait!

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