Shiny Dialga event now Live in Europe, Canada & Australia


ShinyDialga For those of you who live in Europe, Canada or Australia, the Shiny Dialga event has gone live. Between now and September 12th, you can get your hands on this shiny Dialga from GAME in the UK and EB Games in Canada and Australia. Make the jump for a reminder of the Availability dates.





Shiny Dialga: Friday August 30th to Thursday September 12th
Shiny Palkia: Friday September 13th to Thursday September 26th
Shiny Giratina: Friday September 27th to Saturday October 12th

For those of you in the UK, A reminder that this event is available at selected GAME stores so check with your local GAME store for the events. For those of you who live in America, you have until September 8th to grab yourself a shiny Dialga at Gamestop before they change to Palkia September 9th.

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3 Responses to “Shiny Dialga event now Live in Europe, Canada & Australia”

  1. hollander says:

    dusknoir is the best pokemon with the right attacks,

  2. hollander says:

    13.7 billion years ago edit

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    4.567 billion years ago edit

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    700 years ago edit

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    200 years ago edit

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    150 years ago edit

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    20th century

  3. hollander says:

    historyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy anyone left?
    does someone wants to write a article
    about something like that?

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