New Ways To Evolve, Not Just Mega-Evolution


A new generation of Pokémon means a new generation of evolving. In Pokémon X and Pokémon Y trainers have new challenges in getting Kalos’ Pokémon to evolve. The most powerful are the awesome Mega-Evolutions of a select few lucky Pokémon. Hit the jump to learn more about Mega Pokémon and how to evolve certain Pokémon with new methods!

As of now, we may not have completely finished with our site’s XY walkthrough and XY Pokédex, but this will probably help you out as you play through Kalos!

This may not technically be evolving but a Pokémon’s color and size can now be chosen depending when and where you catch it.

Flabébé, Floette and Florges come in red, yellow, orange, blue or white. More specifically the flower petals held by the Pokémon will stay as the color when it was first encountered. Now what’s cool about this is which ever color Flabébé you catch keeps the same color as it evolves: When a Shiny Stone is used on Floette, it evolves into its final form Florges; Florges’ color difference is now the color of its head.

The Pumpkin Pokémon Pumpkaboo evolves into Gourgeist by trading at any level. Here’s the deal though, Pumpkaboo comes in four sizes: small, average, large and super size. It is not certain if there’s specific encounter percentage on what sizes show up in the wild more often. This is the first time in the series that there’s a Pokémon that comes in different sizes.

(New) Unique Conditions For Evolving

Pancham evolves into Pangoro at level 32 if there’s another Dark-type in your team.

Inkay evolves into Malamar at level 30 if you flip the 3DS/2DS upside down.

Tyrunt evolves into Tyrantrum at level 39 during the daytime (friendship level does not matter).

Amaura evolves into Aurorus at level 39 during the nighttime (friendship level does not matter).

Eevee evolves into Sylveon by leveling up knowing a Fairy-type move and has at least two affection hearts in Pokémon-Amie.

Sliggo evolves at level 50 into Goodra only if it is raining.


w/ Venusaurite

Charizard X
w/ Charizardite X (X version only)

Charizard Y
w/ Charizardite Y (Y version only)

w/ Blastoisinite

w/ Alakazite

w/ Gengarite


w/ Pinsirite

w/ Gyaradosite

w/ Aerodactylite

Mewtwo X
w/ Mewtwonite X (X version only)

Mewtwo Y
w/ Mewtwonite Y (Y version only)

w/ Ampharosite

w/ Scizorite

w/ Heracrossite

w/ Houndoomite

w/ Tyranitarite

w/ Blazekinite

w/ Gardevoirite

w/ Mawilite

w/ Aggronite

w/ Medichamite

w/ Manectite

w/ Banettite

w/ Absolite

w/ Garchompite

w/ Lurcarionite

w/ Abomasite

They’re may be a few Mega-Evolutions so far but I’m sure there will be more eventually. I predict more Mega Pokemon will be available through possible free DLC (downloadable content) from the Nintendo eShop or through a special event.

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39 Responses to “New Ways To Evolve, Not Just Mega-Evolution”

  1. Julian Delarosa says:

    Only thing I’m a little dissapointed in: I expected the “yells” of the pokemon when they megaevolve to be deeper, honestly. Take venasaur, it sounds like a kid trying to be a dino when it megaevolves

  2. Shozurei says:

    Does anyone know how Phantump evolves? Is it the same as Pumpkaboo?

  3. Midnafan says:

    I had no clue about Mega Gardevoir until now! and now I’m flipping out cause it’s literally my favorite Pokemon! at first i thought it was weird cause it looks like they inflated its dress, but looking at its actually really beautiful. instead of the normal Geisha style, it’s a ball gown dress! probably the first Mega Evolution so far that perfectly fits the theme of Kalos! :D

  4. Midnafan says:

    flipping the 3DS upside down? now THAT’s bizarre! XD

    • hollander says:

      yeah,just like in zelda phantom hourglass
      in the temple of the ocean king,w ith that sun-mark
      i had to close the ds or i had to turn it up-side down

      • Midnafan says:

        you had to close it, and that took FOREVER to figure out! i did it once and had no idea how i figured it out. when i played the game again i closed it in frustration and figured out that was the answer. XXDD

        • hollander says:

          for me it was also terrible,
          what an idea to close your ds for the answer

          • Midnafan says:

            too bad they never used it again. if the ds games had anything going for them it was their innovative controls. out of all i hear people complaining about them, that’s the one thing everybody loves, even if they weren’t comfortable with using the stylus itself.

          • hollander says:

            i love the ds-zelda games, but the other ones
            too, well the ds games were my first ones

          • Midnafan says:

            they were mine too. i don’t see nearly as much wrong with PH as the more experienced fans do since it was my first video game ever. ST i definitely don’t like as much as PH nor as much as the first console game i played which was TP. ST is just too easy and its overworld is even more boring than even WW’s i presume. at least in WW you could still follow more than just a preset path of tracks. :/

          • hollander says:

            well, when i first payed PH it wasnt worse for me, i didnt
            thought about the minus thingsd,, later on zelda dungeon all kind
            of people were very negative about it, i cant except THATTTT
            it was nice, and enox, the and eox ancient stone soldier
            he was a very great boss! very epic

          • Midnafan says:

            i first played it when i was 11, and thought the game was epic and the final boss fight was extremely difficult. i played it again at 15, found the boss to be extremely easy and the ending to be incredibly stupid. then i started playing again recently, and the nostalgia made me cry. brings back so many memories, back from when i seriously had no clue what Zelda was but i played it anyways! ;____;

          • hollander says:

            haha just like youre saying, with the hourglass
            sign you had to draw with the final boss-battle
            that was hard, no idea what to do, and if you have the swordmanns scroll, you must do the spin-attack, against his purple-tornado-
            spin attack thats coool

          • TheMightyDekuWarrior'sEvilTwin says:


          • hollander says:

            thats right man, but if you can CRAck good, i will work without doubt

  5. Shadowknight1 says:

    Also, gotta say…Mega Abomasnow makes it look COOL. Pun not intended.

  6. Silent-Hero says:

    Freakinfddddddhas poguhbfdimac holy woah, i didnt know about half these mega evolutions, mind is racing, do articles on how to get these megastones, GOTTA KNOW

  7. hollander says:

    aaah i love the mega-evolutions
    and i want to create on online leaugue with friends online..
    if i can migrate later, i migrate my
    hyrdreigon all level 70
    and got a spiritomb, houndoom
    and tyranitar already on level 100
    and a mightyena of level 64, and a pancham, of level 28

    than i will become a member of my own league
    with my dark pokemon, and than we batlle eachother to
    make the champion


    Could somebody tell me if u can get both legendaries in X cause i want Y but Charizard X is awesome…..

    • odd300 says:

      You can’t get both legendary Pokémon in one game unless you trade for them. ^^

      • hollander says:

        haha, just trade all my rayquazas
        to y and trade them online…

      • hollander says:

        do you have platinum
        and do you want some rays?


        Great… Hopefully someone has a good deal on a Charizard with a Charzardite X….( WHY CANT U CATCH BOTH LEGENDARIES LIKE IN HEART OF GOLD?????)

        • hollander says:

          they want you to buy both of them and
          later for people who didnt do it yet the create pokemon
          Z just like daimond and pearl platinummmm

          • Midnafan says:

            i dunno, B2W2 blew the two versions + third version out of the water. i’m curious to see where they go with either Pokemon Z version. Pokemon X2 and Y2 or some other crazy concoction. :D

          • hollander says:

            i am sure that they will create Z
            xyz is the alphabet, and that name ZZZZygarde

          • Midnafan says:

            Zekrom was black, Reshiram was white, the combination of the two colors was gray which was Kyurem. So obviously the next game should’ve been Pokemon Gray version, right? well, they didn’t do that. Z might be the obvious choice with a legendary to go with it, but given Pokemon’s sudden patterns with their last two releases, i think they’re done with being predictable like that. Not to mention, Zygarde actually isn’t all that pretty a Pokemon like Xerneas and Yveltal, so i don’t think it’ll make a very good cover Pokemon without a new form (Giratina was the same way really). and just look, there are only 6 legendaries this Gen that we know of, they could bring out a whole other set of legendaries for the next game, and given how small Gen 6 is Pokemon wise, i wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a lot more (or at least a lot of different) in store. :)

          • hollander says:

            XYZ IS the alphabet and grey just sounds weird,,, to me
            and the ability of zygarde aura break, aaaaaaaah

          • Midnafan says:

            Doesn’t matter if its the alphabet, like i said, it really looks like Pokemon is breaking its trends. and everybody really expected Pokemon Gray version, it followed the pattern they’d been doing for years, it matched the third legendary, there was even a website name dubbed for it, but they did B2W2 instead. Z seems just as obvious, but we could get X2Y2 or something completely different! and what does Aura Break do? i’m nowhere near that part of the gmae. :3

          • hollander says:

            its grey and not gray
            and auro break, makes the abilities of
            xerneas and yveltal useless, if zygarde is around
            so if xerneas and zygarde are both on the battle ground
            tha ability of xerneas doesnt work anymore

          • Midnafan says:

            We’re both right, it depends on where you’re from. In my area we spell it gray. :) (based on the website domain that was claimed but never used before B2W2, i think the official version would’ve been spelled Gray, though i don’t know if they change that sort of thing between english speaking regions, it would seem kind of useless to retranslate an already english game jus to account for different spelling, but maybe they do that, i don’t know. XP)only Xerneas and Yveltal though? seems like a fairly useless ability unless a) Xerneas and Yveltal are pretty OP or b) they plan on bringing in other Pokemon with either those abilities or Aura abilities. considering Xerneas and Yveltal’s abilities are exclusive to their types, I would think that we’ll see more type Aura abilities in the future. Besides that, the ability does fit Zygarde’s theme really well, it being the Order between Life and Destruction. :D

          • hollander says:

            where do hell do YOU live man?
            australia or what? and an aura
            ability would fit lucario perfect

          • Midnafan says:

            California. :/ I just found a source that says “Gray is used primarily in the United States and other areas that use US English. Grey is used in Great Britain and areas that use UK English.” So i think you have it backwards: i think they would spell it “grey” in Australia. at least by trends, there are likely exceptions. XD

          • hollander says:

            aah who doesnt matter about gray or grey
            i dont care about. whats you friend code on black
            ? we can battle and maybe trade, ive got a lots of pokemon

  9. JuicieJ says:

    You can actually get the varying Mega Evolutions in both versions. The different Mega Stones are available for purchase, and you can also have them traded over. I did the latter to get Mega Charizard X.

  10. Fire and Ice Arrows says:

    Mega Zoroark…. Me want….

  11. Pokefan says:


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