A Beginner’s Guide to Breeding Perfect Pokemon (X and Y)


halolz-dot-com-pokemon-teammusclemonSo you want to get into competitive battling? Do you want to be the very best like no one ever was? Do you want the absolute best in Pokemon to topple over your friends? Well you’ve come to the right place! The Pokemon Dungeon will teach you how to IV breed in the simplest way possible! Be warned: the process is long and treacherous, but the end results are so worth it!

What are IVs you ask? IVs, or Individual Values, are like genetic structures of Pokemon. Like in humans, some people are just better at other things than others due to genetics. It’s the same with Pokemon! One Charmander might have 20 IVs in Special Attack while another has only 10, but 20 IVs in Speed. The maximum amount of IVs a Pokemon can have (also known as a Perfect IV) is 31, and they can have 31 in all 6 stats (HP, Attack, Defense, Sp.Atk, Sp.Def, and Speed). Every 1 IV adds +1 to that stat, making it invaluable to any competitive team.

Now how do you pass IVs you ask? Through breeding. And lots of it.  Certain items guarantee an IV be passed down while others pass down a number of IVs at random. The IVs can come from either parent, which makes this process very tedious and long, but also helps us in the long run.

What you need:

  • Pokemon you want to breed (Female with the ability you want)
  • The Power Items (You get these from the Battle Maison in Kiloude City)
  • An Everstone
  • A Destiny Knot
  • Ditto with at least 1 Perfect IV (But you need enough Ditto to have all 6 perfect stats)
  • Talonflame/Fletchinder with Flame Body
  • (Optional) Hatching O-Power level 3
  • A dime (yes, a real coin)

Hatching Trick:

Once you get your eggs, fly to the center of Lumiose City where Prism Tower stands. Get on your bike and go to about the center. Now, place your dime underneath the left side of circle pad so it continues right. This should be a continuous loop of you biking until an egg hatches. I usually do this and keep it on my desk until I notice “Oh?” at the corner of my eye.


Females have a chance of passing down Hidden Abilities if bred with Males of the same egg group, Males do not. Males have a chance of passing down Hidden Abilities if bred with Ditto.

Checking IVs:
Go to the Pokemon Center in Kiloude City. Talk to the guy in the purple suit. If he says your Pokemon has “Outstanding potential”, they have a large sum of IVs. He then will tell you what your best stats are. If he says, “These stats, they can’t be beat”, it means it had 31 IVs.

1. Breeding for Egg Moves

The first thing you’re gonna need is obviously a Pokemon you want to breed. Here, I’ll be using a Swinub (since that’s what I’m breeding now). You’ll also need any Pokemon with Egg Moves you want to pass down and Ditto. Lots and lots of Ditto.  The best thing to do is to catch Ditto in a Friend Safari, since they are guaranteed 2 or more perfect IVs. Now the first thing we’ll do is breed for Egg Moves. Place a female of the Pokemon that you want to an egg of with a male Pokemon of the same egg group with the move that you want. Here, I’ll be breeding a female Piloswine and a male Smeargle with Stealth Rocks. Fill up your party with 5 eggs, then use the Hatching Trick until you get a male.

2. Breeding for Natures

Now that you have Pokemon with your egg move, now it’s time to breed for Natures. If you already have the nature you want, then you can skip this step. If not, then take a male Pokemon from the same egg group with the nature you want. Here I want Jolly, so I’ll be using my Jolly Gogoat, but I can use any Pokemon within the Field Egg Group with that nature. Attach an Everstone to that Pokemon. Now, breed that with the Female Pokemon you want an egg of (So once again, I’ll be using Swinub/Piloswine). Breed and use the Hatching Trick until you get a Female with that nature.

3. The Egg Move/Nature Combo

Here’s where the two come together. Take the Male Pokemon from step one and place it into the Daycare. Take the Female Pokemon from step 2 and give it an Everstone. Now breed the 2 Pokemon until you get a Male. Now this male should have the Egg Moves, the Nature, and the ability you want! But we’re FAR from finished.

4. Abilities

Now it’s time to pass down abilities. Take the original female you bred and breed it with the newly hatched Male from step 3 (Make sure to give it an Everstone). Now breed until you get a Male with the ability. This baby should have the Egg Move, the Nature, and the Ability you want. One step closer to the perfect Pokemon, but still far far off.

5. IVs

Here’s the most time consuming part, breeding for IVs. Take the new Pokemon from step 4 and give it an Everstone.  Take a Ditto out of your box and add it to your party. Now, here comes the most relative part. If the Ditto has 3 or more Perfect IVs, give it a Destiny Knot. If knot (get it), then give it a Power Item corresponding with its perfect stat:

Power Weight HP
 Power Bracer Attack
 Power Belt Defense
 Power Lens Special Attack
 Power Band Special Defense
 Power Anklet Speed


If your Ditto has 2 Perfect IVs, breed it once with one power item, then once with another until you get 2 eggs of opposite genders and 2 different perfect IVs (i.e. Male Swinub with 31 HP and a Female Swinub with 31 Attack). Now breed those 2 Pokemon together until you get a Male with both Perfect IVs and the ability. Give that an Everstone and breed it with another Ditto (giving it its corresponding power item) until you get a female with the ability and at least 1 IV that’s different from the Male. Now, replace that Ditto with the Female and give it the Destiny Knot (if it has 2 or more perfect IVs), until you get a Pokemon with 3 Perfect IVs and the right ability. Continue this process until you get a perfect 6/6 Pokemon.

If your Ditto has 3 or more Perfect IVs, breed it with the Destiny Knot until you get 2 Pokemon of opposite genders with different Perfect IVs (i.e. a Male with 31 Hp and Attack and a Female with 31 Hp and Speed). Give one an Everstone and one a Destiny Knot until you get a Male with 3 Perfect IVs. Breed that Male (holding an Everstone) with another Ditto of different IVs (i.e. Defense) until you get a female with the ability and at least 1 IV that’s different from the Male. Now, replace that Ditto with the Female and give it the Destiny Knot, until you get a Pokemon with 3 Perfect IVs and the right ability. Continue this process until you get a perfect 6/6 Pokemon.

The process is very complicated and I tried my best explaining it. It’s a lot easier in practice. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments section. You can also ask us on Facebook or Tumblr. There are also some great videos that explain here and here.



  • Each Power Item will pass down it’s corresponding stat to the baby and ONLY that stat from that Parent. If I give a Ditto the Power Bracer, the Ditto will only pass down it’s Attack IVs. The other parent can still pass down their IVs though.
  • Destiny Knots will increase the chances of 5 IVs being passed down from both parents.
  • If the Pokemon Breeder says “They don’t seem to get along”, that means you have a 20% chance of getting an egg. It will still breed, but it will take some time. This happens because the 2 parents are different Pokemon from the same OT number. I highly recommend getting a friend’s Ditto so you can increase the chance from 20% to 50%, saving you time. This isn’t necessary though.
  • You cannot use both the Destiny Knot and the Power Items. Use the Destiny Knot if the parents have more than 1 IV to pass down. Use the Power Item only if you want to pass down 1 IV.
  • If you are still confused, please watch the videos I referenced. It’s a lot easier to follow a video than a written guide in my opinion. I will update the guide with pictures soon to make it a bit easier to understand. If you are still confused after the video, I am still accepting questions on our  Facebook or Tumblr. It may take awhile for me to answer anything in the comments so please be patient. Thank you.

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87 Responses to “A Beginner’s Guide to Breeding Perfect Pokemon (X and Y)”

  1. Julian Delarosa says:

    as an extra bit of advice, keep in mind that having 6 perfect IVs isn’t always needed, as some Pokemon will rely exclusively on either ATC or SPATC, only mixed attackers need 31ivs in both.

    Another thing to note is that some pokemon (aegislash comes to mind) benefit from having 0 IVs in speed (the guy will say “you aren’t going anywhere with that ___” if it’s zero) and going last in battle. There are all kinds of strategies out there, never expect to win every battle, as there is no “perfect” stratagy without at least 4 or 5 counter strategies existing for it.

    • nighthawk256 says:

      the breeding male 1iv with female 1iv doesn’t seem to work 4 me is there something special not said in article or just my own stupid bad luck

      • Julian Delarosa says:

        try using the special EV training items to specify which IV is passed down: “Each Power Item will pass down it’s corresponding stat to the baby and
        ONLY that stat from that Parent. If I give a Ditto the Power Bracer, the
        Ditto will only pass down it’s Attack IVs. The other parent can still
        pass down their IVs though.”

  2. Bjørn Behr says:

    You don’t need the items for gaining EVs since you can just use the Super Training.

    • Anthony says:

      The items are for passing IVs, not for gaining EVs

      • DrRazorNipples says:

        Kind of a slow reply, but the power items are certainly used for training EVs

        • Cheesy says:

          The Power items also have that use but for the sake of this article, that is completely irrelevant. Also, Pokérus is kind of rare, and besides, ST is actually a fun way of EV training.

    • Shinji Ikari says:

      The power items are still a more efficient method for EV training when using horde encounters. Taking advantage of horde encounters, power items, and Pokérus can allow you to max out the EVs in a single stat in less than ten minutes.

  3. Midnafan says:

    dat picture. in X and/or Y, has anyone else noticed the egg their carrying around being in a specific kind of Pokeball on the menu? mine was in a net ball. not sure why. :/

    • Name says:

      In X and Y, the pokemon you attain from breeding retain the ball that there parents were caught in. Unfortunately I do not know if the mother or the father’s ball is the determining factor.

      • Raspilicious says:

        it’s the mother’s pokeball that decides the baby’s pokeball

      • Midnafan says:

        Heh, that’s pretty interesting! actually, that’s pretty brilliant! think of all the Pokemon only obtainable by breeding that can only be evolved by friendship! before, they automatically came in Pokeballs, but now you can think ahead and ensure they come in Luxury Balls! though if you’re shooting for Pokedex completion, that really only serves a purpose if you have the final evolution and need both pre-evolutions. XD

      • Firebender7 says:

        Its the mothers ball that gets passed down.

  4. idontunderstand says:

    I don’t understand the IV’s is it ok if I put a decent not above average ditto in with the pokemon and the power item would make the child of that ditto’s IV to 31?

  5. Ivan says:

    That moment when an explanation makes you more confused than before….

    • Tayla says:

      I completely understand where you’re coming from. They really need to explain these things in more detail. Like, what is a perfect IV? where can I get a ditto with perfect IV does it have to be a ditto or can i use a female in the same egg group (more detail on egg groups)

      basically i think this guide is a bit too open ended and leaves too many questions unanswered. I still don’t know what to do.

      • Anthony says:

        A perfect IV is the same as having the maximum amount of IVs in a stat. So 31 IVs in Attack is a perfect IV. Every Ditto has at least 1 IV that’s perfect or close to perfect. Dittos in Friend Safaris have at least 2 Perfect IVs. And yes, you can use a female in the same egg group. Explaining egg groups would’ve made the guide way more confusing. You can find what egg group your Pokemon is in on Serebii’s X and Y Pokedex.

      • Shion SinX says:

        this is a step by step guide on “how to do it” and not “what is it”. if you are not fammiliar with breeding you should go for bulbapedia to understand what those stuff are.

        if you dont even know what IVs are or how egg groups work you should not be trying to get a perfect pokemon

  6. jbrenth says:

    I love your coin idea! Thanks!

  7. Coin Idea Rocks says:

    omg…that coin idea……completely blast my mind~

    • NwXG_Prodigy says:

      when i found out about it I used it with the day care i put in a lvl one at night woke up the next morning( about 9 hours later) and it was lvl 75

  8. Cheesy says:

    Just putting this out there… in X/Y, Female Pokémon can also breed egg moves, even with Ditto. Saves about a half step or so. Having a friend safari with Ditto in it makes this process a lot easier. Try catching Ditto with all the natures, and you’ll have enough Ditto with all the different perfect IV stats, and an easy nature pass with Everstone. I don’t use any Power items, and I achieve the same results with just an Everstone and Destiny Knot.

  9. sherman says:

    could i breed 5PrefectIVs with a charmander male( atk,def,spdef )holding everstone with a female charmander (atk,spd) holding destiny knot???

  10. asdfd3s says:

    Had been stuck with 5 ivs froakie.. it was left out with defense, so I bred it with a ditto with defense and sp atk ivs, equipping ditto with power belt n froakie with destiny knot. Still aint got one perfect 6.. is there something wrong I did here?

    • davie jnes says:

      Same is happening for me but with an only 3 IV froakie. give him a destiny knot and ditto a power anklet yet i keep getting eggs, some with only 1 perfect IV!

      • Jim says:

        You can’t combine Destiny Knot and Power items. Only one will work at a time when trying to breed.

        • boomtown says:

          This is untrue from my experience.. Let me give an example to help explain..

          Lets say we have two Pokemon with 5 perfect 31 iv’s, one’s missing speed and the others missing defense if you breed the two with just a destiny knot the resulting Pokemon will have any combination of the 12 stats the Pokemon share.. mind you I did notice a few things. with this:

          -If it was indeed 100% accurate the egg should be a minimum 4 perfect IV’s but I’m sure I’ve bred less than that with 2 5 perfect iv’s so I’m just going to go ahead and say nothings absolute. More often than not i do get a 4+ iv Pokemon
          -There is also better chances of getting the Iv’s you want when equipping the destiny knot to the Pokemon with the IV you want. (like breeding a 5 iv with a 2 iv, always give destiny knot to 5 iv)

          Annnywayyys… with these 2 imaginary Pokemon I’ve created if you give the destiny knot to one of them and the Power Band ( Special Defense booster) to the other… then end result will be you getting a perfect Special Defense Every single time because it locks that one stat down and even though, like destiny knot, it will take the special D from either parent. Giving us a perfect stat every time. Without the Power Band this would not be the case. Try it out.

    • Some guy says:

      The last iv is always down to luck, because no matter what you do, destiny knot will only pass down maximum of 5iv’s from the parent not 6. So that last stat is down to total luck to make it to 6 which is why most people give up at 5.

      Also if you’re going for a greninja you only need 5 anyway seeing as you either train it for Atk, or Sp.atk. You just leave out the one you don’t need as your abilities won’t even use it

  11. Toriko says:

    Or u can use a folded up piece of paper instead of a dime thers a less chance of damaging your joystick

  12. Dat guy says:

    Is it normal that I’ve bread 36 charmanders, and not a single one of them has been female?

  13. Rojo says:

    For some reason my Sabeleye and Ditto don’t like each other.

    Any ideas?

    • Christian says:

      Hello there, the reason why is because I’m pretty sure Sabeleye isn’t mate-able. Basically you have to catch and check it’s IV values.

      • Ben S. says:

        Sableye will breed, (as part of the Human-like group and can also breed with the Ditto group). It is simply that there is a low probability of producing an egg every 256 steps for this particular pair, (typical when breeding with a Ditto). A pair will only fail to breed when you receive the message that they prefer to play with other Pokemon.

  14. Guilherme Gomes says:

    I still doesn’t have a friend who has dittos in friend safari :(

  15. Ryan says:

    I have a frokie with four perfect IVs in Hp attack sp. attack and sp. defense. Do I need to breed it with a ditto that has perfect in defense and speed?

  16. Ryan says:

    trying to reread this just made things worse. I don’t get what power items do. I need my ditto to give his perfect stats in defense and speed to my frokie so he can be perfect in all stats. HELP!!!!!!

    • Anthony says:

      The Power items pass down the IVs of a certain stat.. If you’re passing both Defense and Speed, use a Destiny Knot. If you were passing down just Defense, then you would just use a Power Belt

      • GoomZilla says:

        I get that power items pass down one stat but what i cant wrap my head around is why that would ever be useful as doing that doesnt gaurantee the other 4 you will be needing get passed down too right? just means theres 100% chance of that one stat and not a good chance for the others?

  17. Melissa says:

    I have a question.
    My ditto and my kadabra (since I’m breeding Pokémon that you don’t see often)
    In pokemon X
    Did get a egg.
    Now I’m trying to more eggs from it whit for example

    And Some other pokemon.

    But it doesn’t like them.
    Do I need some other ditto’s to continue breeding?

    • Connor says:

      They will still breed if the Ditto and the Pokémon in question Don’t like each other. if it says they’d rather play with other Pokémon then the Pokémon won’t produce an egg.

      getting like a french ditto for example will increase the chances of producing eggs, but you don’t necessarily need to change dittos to continue breeding.

      • IrrelevantGuy says:

        Why a french ditto?

        • Connor says:

          It was just an example of what kind of Pokémon you need to increase egg production rate. As long as the Pokémon is not from the same region as you, Eggs should appear more frequently.

      • sone_crystal says:

        can we get a tutorial for breeding all female/male pokemons, like Chansey for example? i’ve done a lot of chain breeding for skill and stuff but it’s still not clear for me when it comes to IVs for something like Chansey since you can only breed it with Ditto, thanks ^^

  18. Bob says:

    What if we have a perfect ditto?

  19. Logan says:

    Hey Anthony, I’ll try to make this as clear as possible so maybe you can help me with this question: so at the moment I have a 3 IV charmander (holding the everstone to keep his jolly nature), his perfect IV’s are HP, Defense, and Speed. The Ditto I want to use to breed with my Charmander has 2 perfect IV’s: Sp.Atk and Defense. So obviously Ditto is going to be holding the power Lens to ensure a Sp. Atk perfect IV. So basically my question through all of this is: when I get a female Charmander with Sp.Atk (from the ditto-male Charmander breed) does that female also have to have other perfect IV’s (like the ones my male has) on her in order for me to be able to get a 4 IV male Charmander? And if she does then should I put the destiny knot on her before I breed her with my male for a 4 IV or should I just leave her itemless (say if she had Sp.Atk AND Speed)? Also, just a side question if you have time: If my female came out with ONLY Sp.Atk should I still attempt to breed her with my male for a 4 IV? And if so then should she be holding the destiny knot?
    Thanks in Advance.

  20. FroakieWest says:

    mystery gift giveing away mystery eggs!!!

    • Denstructer says:

      Can someone give me a male fletching level 1 with perfect IVS, and I wil be grateful and give u a pancham with a hidden ability

  21. Jess says:

    Hey, so this is my first time at trying to IV breed, and I’m breeding a gible. At the moment, I have a female gible with perfect IVs in everything but health, and a male gible with perfect IVs in everything but special defense and speed. To get a pokemon with the right nature and all 6 perfect IVs, which gible should hold the everstone, and which one should hold a power item/destiny knot?

    • Andrew says:

      If one of the gibles have the nature you want, make that one hold the everstone, and the other one hold the destiny knot. Otherwise, find another male pokemon with the nature you want and in the same egg group, and then breed that and the female gible until you get a female with the desired ability and reasonable IVs. Then make that female hold the everstone and breed it with the male gible you have. Even though this gives you a maximum of 5 IVs, I find at least 3 IVs usable in a competitive standpoint.

  22. Pokemon IV champ says:

    Breeding with a Power Item and a Destiny Knot works. I tried. The Power Items give you a 100% chance of the Pokemon only passing down one specific IV, while the other Parent can still pass down 2 more IVs. The Destiny knot increases the chances (from 0%) of 5 IVs being passed down. So if you use them together, one WILL pass down one specific IV, while the other may pass down the other 5 IVs. It worked for me. I suggest trying it.
    *Remember, the Destiny Knot may not work at first. Just keep trying.

    This is completely unrelated, but, that if KNOT joke was funny.

    • Pokemon IV champ says:

      I meant 4 more IVs in the fifth sentance. It won’t work for six.

    • Underfyre says:

      Using the Time Machine Method and to 6IV parents I found that Destiny Knot and a Power Item don’t stack. Or they do and they don’t work like they should.

      I bred the two parents with only the knot and got a 31/31x/31/31/31 offspring. Soft reset, take out the parent with no items and give it a power belt with the expectation that the knot would pass the other 5 stats and the belt would pass the defense. Not the case. Instead the offspring came out with a new random stats instead of the expected 31/31/x/31/31/31 layout it previously had. ie, power item randomizes the stats and it’s more effective to use a knot/everstone combo for a 6IV offspring and hope on the 1/32 chance.

  23. Kop says:

    Do IV’s matter that much? I have a Modest ralts and plan on ev boosting the SpA on it, but will Iv’s make that much of a difference?

    • The Millionth Visitor says:

      IVs are only useful if you say, fight the same pokemon with the same EVs, same moves, same level, same everything. If they have superior IVs, then they will win.

  24. green says:

    but if you start giving one of the pokemon a power item, and the other have the knot, wont it start to randomise the natures ?

  25. Amado Guerrero says:

    am i the only one here for the shiniesssss

  26. The pokemaster says:

    I want a foakie!!!

  27. […] overwhelming, don’t worry. There are a number of tutorials all around the web that can take you step by step into breeding a competitive team. But basic knowledge of how to play the games is […]

  28. Jamie Smith says:

    i came here to make starters and legendarys to be the boss of the gts

  29. Devanor says:

    So if i want an absol with attack and speed IV, is it enough to have a ditto with, say attack and absol with speed and give them both the corresponding power item, will the child have perfect attack and speed IVs?

  30. Alex Gray says:

    What is the process if I already have a perfect ditto (6ivs) and want to iv breed another pokemon with it?

  31. carlos says:

    ok so i have 2 swablu male and female one has 3 perfect iv in hp sp.attk sp def while other has 3 perfect iv in hp defence and speed so if i give on of them a destiny knot does that mean i can get a perfect swablu?

  32. Rorynator says:

    Would anything happen if I bred an Absol with a Furfrou?

    • Nope, just trade “Ditto” in the text with the species of the female one. Also, if you breed 2 different types of Pokemon which aren’t Ditto the baby will ALWAYS be of the mother’s species.

  33. oppyu says:

    If Destiny Bond only passes down 5 stats, how do you ever get the 6th? Just keep hatching eggs until you luck out on the last one?

  34. […] Heh, that’s pretty interesting! actually, that’s pretty brilliant! think of all the Pokemon only obtainable by breeding that can only be evolved by friendship … more… […]

  35. […] Individuella värden, kallade IVs, påverkar pokémons stats och grundförutsättningar. Deras stats kan påverkas med så mycket som 0-31 poäng på level 100 beroende på hur deras ”IV-gener” ser ut. Ovanpå det har vi även natures som ökar och minskar specifika stats med 10%. Därtill spelar även träningsmiljön en roll i hur dina stats utvecklas, genom så kallade Effort Values eller EVs. Du får dem genom att slåss mot pokémon som är bra i en specifik stat, via stat boosters, eller genom 6e generationens minispel Super Training. Till slut har du en pokémon som specialiserat sig på vissa typer av attacker, teamstrategier och försvarsformer. För att ta fram bästa möjliga stats på monstren får du börja med kompetitiv breeding. […]

  36. Jason says:

    So I’m really new to breeding, so I read the guide and I have one question. I have a multitude of 5iv pokemon that I want to breed to get 6iv so would I want to get six ditto each with one good IV and breed the missing IV ditto with one of my 5 IV pokemon (most are Male and I’m not to picky about nature and ability) so I would give the pokemon with 5 ivs the destiny knot and use the power items for the ditto, I assume I would need to breed multiple eggs to get one with 6 ivs?

  37. Anonymous says:

    hai peeps

  38. Anonymous says:

    What does it mean exactly by “at least one different IV?” (ie: at least one more perfect IV or just a different one?)

    • Rio says:

      It means if u have a male with attack then you have to have a female with a different iv (ie: defense)
      what is your friend code guys i need more safaris add me and i will ad u back

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