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pokmon-trainer-tips Hello PD, it is nice to be back! I would like to bring back a little segment from awhile back called “Trainer Tips”! Since X&Y was released in October, the Pokémon gaming world as we know it has been shaken up and changed forever. We will hopefully try to put out Trainer Tips more often. Today I’d like to share some helpful hints about battling trainers around the world through Wi-Fi Battles. This new and improved battle system will be all the rage once Pokémon Bank and Pokémon Transfer are released. Hit the jump for 9 helpful tips for battling with wi-fi!


What you need to get started:
On your 3DS, 3DS XL or 2DS be sure to have the yellow lighted wireless switch on. Also, have a internet connection already set up before opening up Pokémon X or Pokémon Y on the 3DS/2DS menu. Once in-game go to the PSS(Player Search System) and tap the glowing blue wi-fi button. All trainers, who are online are available for Wi-Fi Battle will appear under “Passbersby” on the the third/bottom row.

1. Always battle with good internet connection
Battles will disconnect before and during a battle if wi-fi strength is weak, thus will lead to frustrating outcomes.

2. Always use Mega-Evolutions
This is something brand new to the Pokémon series, no trainer should ever not have one in a battle! You also receive a generous amount of Mega Stones in-game even before the Pokémon League.

3. Keep an open mind to all Pokémon that can Mega-Evolve
This is super important, everyone will most likely have at least one Mega-Evolution Pokémon ready to go for battle. These may even be the lead Pokémon in their team, so be prepared!

4. Do not battle trainers wearing the default XY clothing
There is a 99% chance they are new, have just started the game and are most likely going to deny a battle request. Now here’s another thing though, some trainers don’t care about their appearance and won’t change their outfit at all throughout the game. This is still a mystery to me why one would not change clothes/outfits in the game…..

5. Have a Fairy-type in your party
Fairys are the newest type and are surprisingly very powerful! It is recommended to have one trained for battle.
Fairy Type

6. Do not be afraid of Legendary Pokémon!
This tip is more emotion support more than anything haha. Legendary Pokémon may look big and bad, but are still Pokémon capable of faltering.

My experience: This whole trainer tips idea came to me while I was doing some online battling the other day. I was requesting battles to random people across the world not knowing what to expect. In a double battle, one of my opponents sent out the mighty Xerneas and Yveltal on the first turn. Immediately I was worried about the outcome of the battle for me. As the foe sent out their two tough guys, I sent out my beloved Toxicroak and Carbink. Together, in a couple of turns, my first two Pokémon took out Xerneas and Yveltal! :)

7. Try rebattling trainers
If you just finished a battle, and you think it was evenly matched go for a rematch! It is usually fun to see the next out come of the same two teams against each other. There is also a chance trainers will never battle the same trainers ever again. Also not everyone will be mad about losing and may accept a rematch. ;)

8. Patience is a virtue
Patience is another part of regular battling and wi-fi battling. Pokémon battling around the world always has a chance of having weak internet connection and lagging, it happens. Remember to keep in mind that inbetween turns your opponent is sometimes just thinking about his or her next move in battle is, so give ‘em some time.

9. Watch out for December 27th!
December 27th is the release day of Pokémon Bank and Pokémon Transfer! These two 3DS/2DS apps can connect to Black, White, Black 2, White 2 versions to X and Y. This means everyone who has ever played a previous Pokémon game, starting from Ruby and Sapphire can migrate all those Pokémon to their XY versions. There will be 718 different Pokémon that a trainer could encounter in battle!

(It is possible to get Pokémon from Gameboy Advance games, it’s just a long and drawn out process!)

If you found any of this helpful and/or want more Trainer Tips, let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Silent-Hero says:

    These are great tips! Simply said, nearly obvious, but great. Also, please update the X and Y walkthrough quicker? I’ve been using it and want more information toward the psychic badge chapter. /:

  2. JJgenesis says:

    Wasn’t this my thing? ;)

  3. Ryu says:

    aaaaghh……Now I want Black/White……but only for Pokemon Bank. Why couldn’t it have come to Pearl or Platinum as well?

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