More Pokémon XY Movie: The Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie Details


Diancie Pic The official Website for the upcoming Pokémon Movie: The Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie, have updated with further details about the story. As well as providing screenshots of the movie, information on new characters were also included. A summery was also added to the site. You can find out more after the jump.


Below is the summary for The Cocoon of Destruction, translated from Japanese to English.

The Diamond Ore Country is a beautiful land located deep underground, where the “Jewel Pokémon” Carbink live in peace and prosperity. In this country, a giant diamond known as the “Sacred Diamond” can be found. The Sacred Diamond has played the role of an important energy resource throughout the ages.

However, the princess of the Diamond Ore Country, Diancie, currently does not possess this power. Having encountered Satoshi (Ash) and Pikachu, Diancie sets out on a journey to save her country; a journey in search of the “Life Pokémon” Xerneas, seeking its sacred power.

Along the way, Rocket Gang (Team Rocket), the thief named Marilyn, and a Ninja thief attack Diancie. Can Diancie save its country? And what is the fate of Ash and Pikachu?!

Along for the journey are the parent-child combo of Milis and Argos, but on the journey, they find a cocoon where the “Destruction Pokémon” Yveltal, which is said to have once eradicated all life in the Kalos region, sleeps…

Here we have some images of the following characters that appear in this movie.


Marylin Flame is one of the thieves who attacks Diancie. As Pictured above she owns a Delphox.

Ninja Riot

The other thief that attacks Diancie. Simply named Ninja Riot, he owns a Greninja.

Milis Steel

Milis Steel, along with her Father, join Ash, Pikachu and Diancie to search for Xerneas. She owns a Chesnaught.

Argos Steel

Father of Milis Steel who tags along with her Daughter

Carbink Elders

Last but not least we have named Carbink. While it’s unclear who is who at the moment, we do know that the elder of the four is called Daii, while the other three are called Majima, Knight and Joke. These Carbink join Diancie in it’s Journey.

Pokémon XY the Movie: The Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie is due to be released in Japan on July 19th 2014, A international release is yet to be announced. Be sure to check back for more updates on The latest Pokémon Movie and other Pokémon related news.

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