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Recently another Eevee Friendly will be held for the first time in Generation 6, now allowing the new “Eeveelution” Sylveon in the rotation battle format. This tournament that will take place from the 11th of July to the 13th of July is open for registration starting on the 3rd of July to the 10th. The strategies in this tournament are very different than in normal play due to the rotation battle format and the extremely limited number of Pokemon available. Below I will try to give an example of common sets and teams that you may see if you participate in this Eevee friendly.
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Here I will be covering the different Eeveelutions and some good sets to run. I will start out with Special Eevees as there are more of them.

Vaporeon is the most used Eeveelution due to its role on rain teams as a very difficult to kill Pokemon. This is because of its Hidden Ability “Hydration” that as long as it is in the rain, at the end of a turn its status is cured allowing it to use Rest and wake up in the same turn! So unless you are able to OHKO with good prediction by the trainer it can be nearly impossible to kill.
[email protected]
252HP/252SPD/4DEF (Bold)
-Rain Dance

This set allows it to set up rain with Rain Dance to allow it to abuse its hidden ability, Hydration. Rest is for the recovery of Health Points and Protect is to stall the burn with scald or for Leftovers recovery. The Special Defence EVs are to take Thunderbolts from Jolteon and the Bold nature is to take Leaf Blades from Leafeon.

Jolteon is arguably the most powerful Special Attacker as it is able to fire off STAB Thunderbolts with its base 130 Speed; it is the fastest of the Eeveelutions. It can get a great deal of coverage with Hidden Power Fire.
[email protected] Specs/Life Orb
252SPA/252HP/4Spe (Timid)
-Volt Switch
-Hidden Power Fire
-Shadow Ball/Hyper Beam

This set capitalizes on Jolteon’s ability to do damage while outspeeding the other Eeveelutions due to the Timid nature unless Espeon/Leafeon runs max investment and runs Choice Scarf. Use Thunder if you are running a rain team such as with the Vaporeon set mentioned above. Volt Switch is for utility and Hidden Power Fire is for coverage. Finally Shadow Ball and Hyper Beam are there either for coverage (Shadow Ball) or sheer force (Hyper Beam, see what I did there)

Ahh Espeon the most used Eeveelution. He currently fills the niche that in the future may be filled by Mega-Sableye and is great for baton pass teams because of Magic Bounce. The calm mind set is powerful and with Espeon’s crazy defences he becomes even harder to kill. Base 130 Special Attack doesn’t hurt either and its STAB hits every Eeveelution for neutral damage with the exception of Umbreon.
[email protected]
252HP/252SPA/4Def (Modest)
-Calm Mind
-Shadow Ball
-Hidden Power Fighting

Espeon’s classic set. With Espeon’s defences it can easily get off at least one Calm Mind then proceed to sweep with Psychic and Shadow Ball. The EVs are there to make it as bulky as possible while also doing insane damage and the Hidden Power is there to kill Umbreon who gives Espeon trouble.

Umbreon is well known for its ability to take damage even more so than Espeon. It also gets set-up moves once again making it into a night mare to kill. Most notably it is blessed with recover allowing it to tank hits all day. Finally it will punish anyone who statuses it with Synchronize.
[email protected]
252HP/128DEF/128SPD (Calm)
-Dark Pulse

This set will not be doing any real damage as it only has a base 60 Special Attack set that I like to give no investment. Toxic can hurt opposing Attackers such as Glaceon or Flareon but you must be careful not to Toxic an Espeon or Umbreon as you will end up toxicing yourself.

Sylveon is the newest Eeveelution, introduced in Generation 6 it is blessed with the new fairy typing which gives it immunity to Dragon Type moves which unfortunately are not present in this Eevee Friendly.
[email protected] Orb
252HP/252SPE/4Spd (Modest)
-Shadow Ball
-Hyper Beam

Sylveon’s set here is running Life Orb to get that extra damage off while still being able to change moves. Moonblast is its STAB along with Hyper Beam for when you need that extra power. Finally Psyshock and Shadow Ball are there for coverage but probably won’t be needed.

Eevee is arguably the weakest Eeveelution as it has the lowest Base Stat Total but its ability Adaptablity more than makes up for it. It gives Eevee a STAB of 2X power instead of 1.5 which is a very large difference.

[email protected] Band
252HP/252ATK/4SPE (Adamant)
-Quick Attack
-Giga Impact
-Double Edge
The three normal moves on this set are not a mistake as Eevee’s normal typing gives it the Adaptability bonus only on normal moves and these 3 are all viable in different situations. Finally Shadow Claw is there simply because it should run a fourth move but you could honestly put anything there.

Leafeon is the first of two physical Eeveelutions and is the one that probably sees more usage. It along with Jolteon are super effective to Vaporeon who is otherwise extremely hard to kill if not doing super effective damage.
[email protected] Orb
252ATK/252SPE/4HP (Jolly)
-Leaf Blade
-Quick Attack

This Leafeon is running max Attack obviously to do the most damage possible with its STAB Leaf Blade and is running max Speed investment to try and outspeed the slower Jolteons. Quick Attack is there for Priority, while Return and X-Scissor are there for coverage.

Flareon is the Fire type Eeveelution and hits most Eeveelutions neutrally with the exception of Vaporeon who is able to take any attack he can use very easily. It has a very good Attack Stat and with its base 110 Special Defence it can actually live a Scald from a defensive Vaporeon.

[email protected] Band
252ATK/252HP/4SPE (Adamant)
-Flare Blitz
-Quick Attack

This set is pretty similar to the others, a strong STAB, Quick Attack, and two other moves. Façade is there just for coverage, while Dig can confuse an opponent and cause them to miss a crucial move or two. The choice band is there just to get the most damage off and the EVs should be fairly self-explanatory.

Glaceon is known for being extra annoying with its ability Snow Cloak which gives all moves used against it a .75 modifier for evasion. Ice is one of the best types offensively in general but in this format it only hits Leafeon for super-effective damage.
[email protected] Powder
252SPA/252SPE/4HP (Timid)
-Hidden Power Water

Once Glaceon uses Hail he becomes much, much harder to kill as his evasion modifier is .65. Of course relying on this hax is not a perfect strategy so Speed and Special Attack investment is used to outspeed and hopefully KO other Eeveelutions. The Hidden Power Water is there for Flareon who Glaceon would otherwise have no other way to hit.

Overall I think this once again will be a pretty successful format as it is very balanced and allows a lot of skill to come into place. With the rotation battle format with one Pokemon in the back switches will be very important and I believe hax will not be too influential.

What are you going to use in this Wifi tournament? Let us know in the comments-

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  1. Anthony says:

    People always sleep on Sylveon. I suggest running Pixelate Hyper Voice instead of Moonblast. It has Base 90 power and goes through subs. With Pixelate, it gets boosted to 117 Power + STAB :)

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