Corocoro September Leak: More Mega Evolutions + MORE!


Mega Altaria              Contest Pikachu

The next batch of Corocoro has been leaked and this time we have new Mega Evolutions for Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. In addition to new Mega Evolutions, we get some info on Contests, specifically costumes for Pikachu and talk of a Pokémon Distribution. Want to find out more? Hit the jump to find out!

Mega Lopunny  Mega Salamence  Shiny Mega Metagross

  • Mega Evolutions for Altaria, Lopunny and Salamence!!
  • When Altaria Mega Evolves, it becomes Dragon/Fairy, gets a boost in Attack and Sp. Attack and will have the ability Pixilate.
  • When Lopunny Mega Evolves, it becomes Normal/Fighting, gets a boost in Attack and Speed and will have the ability Scrappy.
  • When Salamence Mega Evolves, it keeps it’s original typing but will have the ability Aerilate. It will also get a boost in defense.
  • If you give Pikachu clothes for Pokémon contests, it will learn special moves depending on the outfit.
  • Rock Star Pikachu can learn Meteor Mash
  • Ph. D. Pikachu can learn Electric Terrain
  • Pop Star Pikachu can learn Draining Kiss
  • Belle Pikachu can learn Icicle Crash
  • Libre Pikachu can learn Flying Press
  • A contest idol who goes by the name of Lucia will give you special clothes for participating in Pokémon Contests.
  • A shiny Beldum holding it’s Mega Stone can be obtained via an event.

No doubt the official Pokémon Company will release official announcements of these Mega evolutions and more in the coming days. Be sure to check back soon for some localized info!


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8 Responses to “Corocoro September Leak: More Mega Evolutions + MORE!”

  1. what the heck says:

    wow wasn’t expecting lopunny or altaria lol

  2. Link Crafter says:

    I wish pikachu had a mega evolution…

    • Midnafan says:

      that’d be cool, but doesn’t really work with Mega Evolutions going to the elites (and it’s also a further stage of evolution, doesn;t make sense for Pikachu to skip a stage), but a Mega Raichu would be cool

  3. Midnafan says:

    coooool! Altaria is so FLUFFY! i hope you can dress up other Pokemon besides Pikachu, ill be kinda disappointed if they bring back contests only half way like that. why does Brendan look so different in his contest outfit though, he doesn’t even look like the same character. the costumes+moves is cool though, and i love Lopunny’s mega evolution!! i’d love to see Team Charm make a reappearance in future MD games, since now all three ladies have Mega Evolutions!!!!

    • Midnafan says:

      so guys, Brendan’s contest outfit has made me realize something and i want to cry because i feel like ive been lied to for 12 years: Brendan doesn’t have white hair
      it’s a hat

  4. Rodney Williams says:

    I guess the shiny beldum I bred is going to lose value really quickly now :(

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