Pokémon Project To Be Announced on August 26th!


Pokemon logo black bgJust a week ago today, it was confirmed from the Japanese streaming site NicoNico that a “big announcment” will be revealed tomorrow on August 26th! Not much has been known what exactly does this announcement will focus on but it will be very interesting and excited to see just what will be announced tomorow! Hit the Jump for more details in this interesting announcement!

NicoNico announcement
Last week, the NicoNico broadcast page did state that this Pokémon project is a “big announcement.” This no doubt brings in hype for the reveal but most of the community do hope that it is just more than just hype. The teaser site states “This summer, details of a stunning new project from Pokémon will be announced.” In Japanese, it specifically states, “Shogeki no shin purojekuto” (衝撃の新プロジェクト) with “shougeki” ( 衝撃) meaning “shocking” or “stunning” and “shin” (新) referring to “new”, meaning this is a new project for the Pokémon franchise.

The Pokémon Company head honcho Tsunekazu Ishihara is set to appear as along as voice Nobukio Okamoto and Aoi Yuki. There will also be unannounced guest that will also be appearing with the announcement.Fashion model Ayana Tsubaki and Famitsu’s own Bunbun Maru will host the August 26th broadcast on NicoNico tomorrow.

I personally want to see Pokkén Fighters to finally be officially revealed as a potential project that the Pokémon Company is working on. Considering that Pokkén Fighters has already been trademarked by The Pokémon Company roughly a year ago, it isn’t that far of a stretch to believe so. What do you think the announcement will be? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts!

Source: Kotaku

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4 Responses to “Pokémon Project To Be Announced on August 26th!”

  1. Kieroni says:

    Maybe that weird Pikachu game?

  2. bluelink121 says:

    This may sound stupid, but pokepark 3?

  3. UmauOJ says:

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