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Late last night or early this morning the Japanese Magazine, CoroCoro leaked the Mega Evolutions for Sharpedo, Camperupt and Gallade! It was rumored for awhile that Sharpedo and Camperupt were going to get Mega Evolutions due to several possible theories, but Gallade is a nice surprise. Along with Gallade, it’s the Hoenn rival Wally, whom is known for having a Ralts. Hit the link to check out the latest round of Mega Evos, additional info, and predictions for ORAS!

Rumors Came True regarding possible Megas for Sharpedo and Camerupt due to their importance to Team Aqua and Team Magma. For Team Aqua their signature water/dark-type Pokemon are primarily Carvanha and Sharpedo, and then secondarily Crawdaunt and Wailmer/Wailord for example. For Team Magma their signature tough fire-type Pokemon are primarily Numel and Camerupt, and then secondarily Houndour/Houndoom and Slugma/Magcargo. Both teams also love their Poochyenas, Mightyenas, Zubats, and Golbats as well, can’t forget those! (Pokemon from manga included).

Type: Water, Dark
Regular Ability: Rough Skin, Speed Boost (Hidden Ability)
Notable Stats: Attack (120), Sp. Attack (95), Speed (95)

Sharpedo now looks a lot more decorated, bigger fins, and over all looks more sharky! Sharky as in the yellow stripes like a Tiger Shark, a new saw nose of a Saw Shark, and bigger jaws/teeth like a Great White.
Mega Sharpedo via Sharpedite
Mega Ability: Strong Jaw (increases the power of biting moves by half)
Stat Change: all stats boosted (because the base Def & Sp. Def are 40, yikes!)

Type: Fire, Ground
Regular Ability: Magma Armor, Solid Rock, Anger Point (Hidden Ability)
Notable Stats: Attack (100), Sp. Attack (105)

Camerupt seems very pleased about the new wild-fire hair style and more fierce active volcano and huge coals as armor!
Mega Camerupt via Camerupite/Cameruptite/Cameruite
Mega Ability: Sheer Force (Moves that have a secondary effect are removed in favor of raising their base power by 30%!!)
Stat Change: all stats boosted, Speed decrease

Type: Psychic/Fighting
Regular Ability: Steadfast, Justified (Hidden Ability)
Notable Stats: Attack (125), Sp. Def (115)

Gallade has the most amazing new look, this one blew me away. Gigantic blade-like arms with blue fire is the coolest upgrade; Other new features include: the more curved blue spike/fin on the head, an excellent blue cape; and those oddly large hips. Wally looks more fashionable too, also holding his corresponding Mega Stone.

Mega Gallade via Galladite & ORAS Wally
Mega Ability: Inner Focus
Stat Change: unknown

Wally’s Team from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald was Altaria, Delcatty, Roselia, Magneton and male Gardevoir. It is likely his team won’t change too much: Altaria and Delcatty would be kept as they are. Roselia and Magneton, whom can both now evolve could stay in the team but as Roserade and Magnezone. However, the Gardevoir will most likely be changed to Gallade instead. Altaria and Gallade can now Mega Evolve, which makes Wally a formidable opponent.

What About The Mega Stones? Well to even think about Mega Evolving, you’ll need to find some Mega Stones! There are already possible locations that come to mind in Hoenn where the Mega Stones for Sharpedo and Camerupt could be found. As for Gallade’s Mega Stone it’s hard to know, however it could just be a gift from Wally at some point in the game. I am very sure the Mega Stones for Sharpedo/Camerupt are intertwined with the business of Team Aqua/Magma. Locations right off the bat for Sharpedo’s Mega Stone are underwater via Dive, Abandoned Ship, Mt. Pyre during Team Aqua/Magma event, or Mt. Chimney while Team Aqua/Magma are attacking, and Team Aqua’s Hideout. Locations for Camerupt’s Mega Stone are Route 111 (desert area), Jagged Pass, Mt. Pyre during Team Aqua/Magma event, or Mt. Chimney while Team Aqua/Magma are attacking, and Team Magma’s Hideout. Unfortunately due to Sharpedo representing Team Aqua and Kyogre, Sharpedo’s Mega Stone might only be found in Alpha Sapphire. This applies to Camerupt too, Camerupt represents Team Magma and Groudon so the Mega Stone could be only found in Omega Ruby. Knowing how Nintendo likes to make things tricky, this could be switched according depending on which game.

As for now, Nintendo’s youtube channel will surely post an English trailer to confirm this CoroCoro info in about a week or so. We’ll keep you updated, bye bye for now!

some content source: serebii
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