Mega Rayquaza Swoops In!


Scoot over Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, Mega Rayquaza is finally here! Just now Pokemon’s Youtube channel released a video revealing Mega Rayquaza! Mega Rayquaza’s Mega ability is Delta Stream and gets has a new move called Dragon Ascent. Also almost all of its stats get a boost, especially its Physical and Special Attack. More info & video inside!

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mega ray

Appearance: This Mega Evolution is sharp and pretty deadly! The most notable features are the two huge blades on the jaw and pointed fins for the main segments of the body. The yellow pattern with circles have come right off and the black areas have extended. The new overall appearance is of a festival dragon kite, similar to the design of Gyarados’ Mega Evolution.



Delta Steam: Changes weather to a turbulence state and protects Flying-type Pokémon. Moves that normally are super effective to Flying-type Pokémon will only deal normal damage. This ability is only active while Mega Rayquaza is in out battle. It’s safe to say that this is an updated version of Rayquaza’s Air Lock ability, which also eliminates the effects of weather but continues after Rayquaza switched out.

dragon ascend

Dragon Ascent: Raquaza seems to glow, flies towards the heavens and then ascent down for a massive attack. This attack could be Flying or Dragon, the move’s type is not confirmed yet. It’s odd because flying-type is hinted but ‘Dragon’ is in the name of the move.

Get ready for ORAS November 12th!

Additional info source: Japanese Pokemon Website

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6 Responses to “Mega Rayquaza Swoops In!”

  1. Blu_Lizalfos says:

    I seriously LOVE Mega Rayquaza’s design. It’s normal form has one of my favorite designs of any Pokemon anyway, but Mega Rayquaza really does look like the ultimate mega.

    • Midnafan says:

      i know right! Rayquaza has always been awesome looking and they just made it a million times better im so happy

  2. Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson says:

    This may be the most broken ability ever given to a Pokemon. On a doubles or triples flying theme team, sufferring from only the weaknesses of your second type would be a serious defensive boon. Especially if paired with Tornadus or another mono flying type. This is insane!

  3. Midnafan says:


  4. Zazorok says:

    *sheds tear*

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