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The demo has been out in the US for a couple days now, and after taking my time to play through this short excursion, I’ve noticed a lot of small details that hint at various different parts of the game. Talking to the trainers after you battle them often leads to a hint at what is to come. I have taken the time to compile a list of things I have noticed from the demo version, as well as a few exclusive details from the code of the demo that we have discovered that’s to the work over at Project Pokemon (the same group that revealed Diancie, Hoopa, Volcanion, and the Latias Mega Evolutions through the code of X and Y).

Hit the jump if you’d like to find out more about what new things these remakes have in store. Take caution, however, because this post does contain spoilers.

demo14To the naked eye, the special demo version for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire isn’t anything special. In fact, it even discouraged some people from wanting to buy the full games, but there are so many small details that I can’t help but praise Nintendo’s excellent use of ‘hype’. It starts you off in Mossdeep City, home of the seventh gym and the famous Steven Stone. Exploring the city during the multiple times that you play the game will provide new characters to talk to, each with their own roll, even if it seems minute.

There is a Sailor you can encounter every time you start up the game that tells you there was a herd of Wailer spotted around Lilycove City. This reminds me a lot of the Swarm mechanic from the 5th Generation, where a certain Pokemon would sometimes take over a Route completely. With the claim that you will be able to catch every single Pokemon between X and Y and these remakes, it would make sense to bring back a feature like this, as it allows you to catch a large variety of Pokemon that would otherwise be unobtainable. It’s not for certain if this feature will come back yet, but we may very well see the return, possibly with BuzzNav functionality so you won’t have to go to a certain zone just to check.

screen-shot-2014-06-25-at-20-41-38Mauville City is hinted at being a lot larger. This may have been a given, if you look at the map, but it is confirmed in the demo, considering there are a mentioned group of people called the ‘Cardinal Sisters’ who guide people that get lost within the city. It also contains it’s own food court, which may include the special ‘Mauville Ramen Bowl’ that the black belt in Mossdeep mentioned.

Along with the redone Mauville City is a new area dubbed Sea Mauville. One of the Cardinal Sisters mentions that this area is one of the most protected areas of Hoenn. It’s hinted that, on your journey with Steven Stone in the demo, he may actually be taking you to islands within this new area. I mean, why else would Cardinal Sisters be getting lost in these areas? Not only that, but a scientist that shows up sometimes on your adventures with the Champion claims to have been surveying Sea Mauville to try and find a scanner for Captain Stern, but also got himself very lost. All of this information leads me to believe that Sea Mauville could be a vast, explorable area that could be a new sort of ‘Safari Zone’ within these games.

65-ht-r2One of the Sailor-class trainers on the islands mentions that the tides change in that area depending on the time of day. Assuming this Sailor wasn’t just pasted in from Shoal Cave, and assuming that the area we are exploring really is Sea Mauville, that means that high tides and low tides could be in a variety of places in Hoenn. This could lead to some expansive content and exploration, that just adds another kind of depth to these games. The Sailor also mentions that it takes about 6 hours from the peak of high tide to reach low tide.

The White Rock in Mossdeep also makes it’s debut. It’s roped off in this game, and the little girl next to it tells you that they people at the Space Station put it there as a wish for safe travel for when they launch into space. She then says that she uses a wishtag whenever she makes a wish, which may hint at some sort of in-game event that includes the white rock. We won’t know for sure until after the games come out, but it would be a cool little cameo if GameFreak actually did something with that rock.

After taking a peak at what the people at Project Pokemon exported out of the Demo files, I’ve been able to conclude a few things that many people have been curious about in these games. Recently, they were able to export a list of all (or a lot) of the music tracks that will play in the game. A lot of the names for these tracks are very hard to make a lot of sense of, but some of them stuck out at me.

pokemon-e-battlefrontierThere is background music entitled ‘BattleResort’, ‘BattleTower’, and battle music named ‘BFrontier’. This confirms a big sort of Battle Facility within these games. The Battle Frontier itself may make a return, or it could be a completely new variation of Battle facilities, either way I have every reason to believe that it will be big.

I also discovered some background music named ‘Safari’, which hints at the return of the Safari Zone. However, it could just be another iteration of the Friend Safari like they had in X and Y, or it could even be the new zone I talked about, Sea Mauville. Either way, we are definitely getting at least some sort of Safari Zone, and personally, I hope it’ll be kind of like it was in the original games, but with more freedom.

There are also quite a few different types of battle music, and some of them reveal legendary Pokemon that will be found in these games. It’s no surprise that these Pokemon are appearing, as pretty much from the beginning we were expecting a lot of them. Deoxys is confirmed to make a comeback, either in an event or in the base game itself. Heatran is definitely making an appearance, along with Giratina and the Lake Trio from Generation 4. Cobalion and the legendary group of kung-fu horses also make an appearance. I am currently unsure as to whether the Legendary Dogs will be making an appearance or not, as the music files did not specify, but it is possible that it will follow under one of the generic legendary music that they have made for the game.

tumblr_n5d3yiTtMH1ttdkobo4_400Also looking at the battle files reveals that Team Flare will make an appearance at some point in the game, whether it be in a World Tournament cup or as part of the story in the game is currently unknown. However, they will be in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

There is a lot more info that you can fish out of the pastebin that Project Pokemon has provided for us, such as Mega Evolved Pokemon on the teams of the Elite Four members, but if you want to find out more, you will have to take a look for yourself. It’s definitely something worth reading into, so long as you don’t mind spoilers. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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