New CoroCoro Reveals New Character and Returning Legendary Pokémon


It appears that new leaks from CoroCoro magazine have surfaced the internet yet again and reveal new information relating to the upcoming Gen III remakes, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. Hit the Jump for more infomation!

The images reveal a brand new character known as Higana. She apparently travels with a Whismur and will have a Salamence when you get to battle her. When you get to battle her in-game is unknown. The leaks also reveal that Deoxys will available within the game at some point during the adventure.

Continuing on with Legendary Pokémon, it appears that between both XY and ORAS will offer 18 Legendary Pokémon that players will able to catch and bring into ORAS. More information will be posted later on. There was also a twitter post going around featuring a picture of what appears to be Mega Ninjask, however it has been proven to be fake just a few minutes ago. Interesting enough, there were no signs of a brand new Mega Evolution revealed in the new CoroCoro images. You can view the newest CoroCoro images below!

Are you excited for the release of Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire on November 21st? Do you think there are still some Mega Evolution Pokémon yet to be revealed? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Source: 4chan Thread
Source: Reddit

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5 Responses to “New CoroCoro Reveals New Character and Returning Legendary Pokémon”

  1. Midnafan says:

    YOU GUYS I AM PHYSICALLY STRUGGLING! I should be studying but I’m literally so excited about all the new news and Deoxys looks so cool in 3D and omg this is all too intense i can’t handle it!!! I predicted Nintendo would do this do, this huge increase of info right before the games come out, and i’ve still succumbed to it!! I literally swear i can’t even breathe as im going through the official website, im fan girling so hard i might hurt myself (i’m not joking, i have done so over video games before, though last time was because i became so excited when i came close to winning the sled race in Twilight Princess and then fell off a cliff right before the finish line. i had to stop and reteach my heart how to beat without busting my sternum. :( )
    in other news, i still havent preordered the games or the guide cause if i do ill be broke and i still dont have internet to redeem my demo and diancie codes!!!!!

  2. Midnafan says:

    Do you know what it means, with the Mirage Spots making every single Legendary Pokemon available within Gen 6? THE NATIONAL POKEDEX IS COMPLETABLE WITHIN THE GENERATION. i mean yeah, you could finish it before, but not without previous generation games and a ton of bribery on the GTS or a really good friend and then you’re risking that it was a cheat and not the real thing. When was the last time this was possible? certainly not since i started playing Pokemon (gen 4)

  3. Midnafan says:

    I guess when story was the only thing XY missed in all the reviews, Game Freak must of looked at ORAS and gone “well we’re gonna fix THAT”

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  5. Link Crafter says:

    Yeah this is pretty cool… pretty cool

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