Coming Soon: Hoopa, Pokémon Shuffle & Charizad Amiibo!


Announced one day before the first Nintendo Direct of the year was a new Pokémon named Hoopa! The Mischief “hoop” Pokémon is making its debut in Pokémon ORAS soon. During the Nintendo Direct on 1.14.2015 the Charizard Amiibo was revealed and a small Pokémon title game was released called Pokémon Shuffle, which seems to be very similar to Pokémon Battle Trozei. Hit the jump for the Nintendo Direct link and Hoopa Youtube video.

Take a closer look at Hoopa! According to, “Hoopa is a Mythical Pokémon in the world of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire that cannot be encountered through regular gameplay! The Pokémon is recognizable by its two horns and the golden ring that adorns its trunk. Hoopa’s rings are said to have the power to bend dimensions and move objects across great distances.”

Category Mischief Pokémon
Type Psychic/Ghost
Ability Magician (The Pokémon steals the held item of a Pokémon it hits with a move.)
Height 1’08”
Weight 19.8 lbs.

Fun Fact: Mid-October, last year in 2014, Pokemon X&Y were hacked by various individuals who then posted their findings online. Diancie, Hoopa, and the mysterious Volcanion were revealed. This is the first time Hoopa is officially revealed by Nintendo even though some have known about this since last year. Hoopa also has another form, however that will be saved for another post at another time. Volcanion has yet to be officially revealed as well.

Also check out the Nintendo Direct of January! Found here:
The only Pokémon related things discussed were Pokémon Shuffle and the Charizard Amiibo.

Release Date: February 2015
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Players: 1

According to, the Charizard Amiibo will be here in Spring 2015 for the Super Smash Bros. series. See all Amiibos here!


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