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Pikachu, Gardevoir, and Suicune will be joining the roster for the future arcade-fighter from Bandai Namco, Pokken Tournament. Yesterday an online series called “Monthly Famitsu Feature” through the Japanese streaming service NicoNico showed approximately an hour demo-play of Pokken Tournament. Only those who have a NicoNico account have gotten footage and posted it online to Youtube. Hit the jump for more information and to see game play!

There are so many Pokemon that could be in this game. From the looks of it, a fighting Pokemon for this game needs to at least stand on two feet, or on all fours like Suicune. Right off the bat seeing Gardevoir we can predict to possibly see Gallade, Gardevoirs’ Mega Evolving counter part. Secondly, because Suicune comes in a set of three we can also predict Raikou and Entei to maybe make the roster as well.

The best quality of this NicoNico stream was on Youtube posted by Youtuber MaxEzzy.

@17:26 Lucario vs. Pikachu
@28:48 Pikachu vs. Gardevoir
@33:56 Machamp vs. Suicune
@37:41 Machamp vs. Gardevoir
@44:36 Pikachu vs. Suicune
@53:52 Lucario vs. Suicune
@59:43 Machamp vs. Suicune
@1:05:10 Lucario vs. Suicune

Pokken Tournament plays just like other Tekken or Street Fighter-like series games. It personally reminded me of the Naturo Ultimate Ninja Storms series. Watching this game play shows that there are Assist Pokemon like Snivy, Emolga, Lapras, and Fennekin. This assists are selected before each match. The menus seems to be timed to keep the game fast paced, no lollygagging here! Each fighter in the game has a variety of attack moves and one powerful move as a finishing move. Lucarios’ big attack seems to be a “Mega Auro-Sphere,” as described in the video. Each fight with a large range of attacks is a nice change of pace from a limited four moves/attacks in a regular main title Pokemon game.

Pokken Tournament seems to only be in Japan currently via arcades but should hopefully make its way to Wii U next year or so. The game’s official has not been updated as well, which is located here.

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