The Staff of Pokémon Dungeon

Mases Hagopian

Email: [email protected]
Skype: armochicken13
AIM: [email protected]
Age: 12... but I've been 12 for a very long time... (Actually 24)
Location: Morton Grove, IL
Favorite Sites: Zelda Classic and North Castle
Favorite Movie: Let Me In
Joined Staff: The Beginning

Founder and Creator of Zelda Dungeon. He is also one of the webmasters and owners of Pokémon Dungeon. He helps with various projects around the site when he isn't focused on his other site, Zelda Dungeon. Mases came up with the name Pokémon Dungeon and has been interested in it since the idea began.

When not working on the site, Mases spends his time as a high school mathematics teacher, a commissioner of a local baseball league, a state-winning high school chess coach, playing games at the Galloping Ghost Arcade, and trying to convince the rest of the staff that Let Me In is the best film of all time.


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Jordan R.

Skype: jordan_richter2
Age: 15
Location:: Alberta, Canada
Joined Staff: 2011
Favorite Sites: Zelda Dungeon

Jordan is a gamer who found Pokémon Dungeon in later 2011 and applied to be on the staff.

After 6 months of relative inactivity due to many reasons, school being among them, he jioned the new staff and began fresh, he is now writing the walkthrough for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue Rescue Team and is a full part here at Pokemon Dungeon


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