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PDLogoPokemon Dungeon is a growing fansite on the Dungeon Gaming Network, dedicated exclusively to the Pokemon series. We specialize in creating detailed and easy-to-use walkthroughs and resource pages for every Pokemon game new and old, as well as delivering breaking news in every facet of the Pokemon universe. Our presence on social sites is also growing, with almost 4,000 followers on Facebook. Our Twitter, YouTube channel, Tumblr, and DeviantART pages are growing in popularity every day as well.


All of our original content, including, but not limited to our guides, walkthroughs, and other resources, is copyright to us. All screenshots, sprite images, official artwork, and maps used at the website are copyrighted to Nintendo and in some cases, Prima Games. We, in no way, have intentions to break any copyright laws. This material is used under Fair Use to better present our content to the fans of the website. We are in no way affiliated with Nintendo.

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We are tirelessly working to create the most informative and user friendly Pokemon site on the web. We welcome questions, concerns, or any other feedback through our Contact Us page.

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