Pokemon Black 2 Version and Pokemon White 2 Version

Keep in mind that these game were revealed as a special episode of Pokemon Smash as an announcement. This information can possibly change, so keep your eyes peeled on our front page for any breaking news. This page will also be updated with information as we get it. Thanks!

Pokemon Black 2 Version and Pokemon White 2 Version were revealed as a special announcement by Junichi Masuda, the game director and one of the heads at Game Freak, after a request to watch Pokemon Smash for a special announcement. The games were promptly announced shortly thereafter in the episode of Pokemon Smash with the following information. The games will be releasing in Japan in June. The new mascots are new forms of Kyurem through a fusion with Zekrom and Reshiram which could possibly explain Freeze Shock and Ice Burn, Kyurem's special moves that have never been used. These two games are direct sequels of Black and White, as the title suggests, and are the first direct sequels in the Pokemon series.

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