Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version walkthrough - Insect Badge


Nacrene City

Insect Badge

 The Dragon Skull

Lenora's husband will rush into the room right after you receive all of your goodies, and he will tell you that there is a terrible situation in the museum. That's our cue to go check things out. Team Plasma will be gathered in the museum, and they are, of course, up to no good. Team Plasma will use a smokescreen and snatch up the Dragon Skull from the fossil right before your eyes. Let's go teach Team Plasma some manners!

After exiting the gym we will meet Lenora and another unknown character, and they will exchange a few lines before Lenora introduces him as Burgh, the Gym Leader of Castelia City. That's where we'll be heading next, too! Bianca will approach from the other side of town, questioning the odd gathering. Cheren will follow her, just as curious. Everybody will choose different paths, and Cheren and Bianca will be chosen to stay behind. Before you and Burgh start heading toward Pinwheel Forest, however, Bianca will give you a Dowsing Machine. The Dowsing Machine, when used, allows you to detect hidden items on the ground that you otherwise cannot see. This will be useful, as some rare items are hidden on the ground, such as Max Revives and other items. Now we are free to pursue Team Plasma into Pinwheel Forest with our new friend Burgh.


Pinwheel Forest

Insect Badge

 Into the Woods

If you brought your Dowsing Machine up - which I recommend at all times - then you will notice that there is a hidden item behind the fence right here at the entrance. Go around the fence and inspect the area at the end to find a Super Potion. If you didn't grab TM94 Rock Smash as recommended earlier, then you can grab it now from the very first girl along the fence. If you talk to the nurse dressed in pink near the entrance to the deeper part of Pinwheel Forest, she will battle you and then heal your Pokemon at any time afterwards. This can be very helpful if you find yourself low in health around the area and don't wish to stalk back to the city's Pokemon Center. Follow the path behind the fence to nab an Ether at the end.

Proceeding deeper into the forest, you will find a few more trainers and a lot of items. Before heading too deep, there is a Great Ball to the right by the broken railroad tracks. Through the patch of grass into the south, an antidote is found along this path. A TinyMushroom can be found past the dark grass on the left, a super potion in the bottom left, an antidote hidden in a large puddle in the south, and a few more items to the east. If you head east, you will climb up a staircase and be presented with a couple trainers. One will reference the Challenge Rock, which is the large rock located in this area. Inspect the rock with a Fighting-type Pokemon like Pignite to obtain a Star Piece. This can be done once daily. There is a hidden ether in this area. To get back to where you started, head down the staircase west of the Challenge Rock. A net ball is located along this path. Prepare to enter the depths of Pinwheel Forest.

As you venture into the heart of Pinwheel Forest, you will hear the ominous Team Plasma theme playing, letting you know that Team Plasma is indeed waiting for you along the path ahead. Burgh will talk with you, saying that there are two paths that go through Pinwheel Forest. One is the nicely paved route right up through the middle and to the exit. Burgh will be taking that one. We'll be taking the extremely complicated and winding path through tall grass that is infested with trainers instead. Joy. Already you can see a couple trainers waiting for you, Twins and a Team Plasma Grunt. As usual, the Team Plasma grunts will be using primarily Normal- and Dark-type Pokemon. If you have a fighting-type attack, it could prove very valuable throughout the forest.

This area is just as infested with Pokemon and items as it is with trainers. There is also a mysterious Moss Stone located just north when you enter the inner path of the forest. Leveling up an Eevee here will evolve it into Leafeon. That comes later in the game, however. On the opposite side - the south branch of the main path - you can find a Big Root. This increases the health recovered from health sapping moves. Have your Dousing Machine ready, as well, because right away there is a narrow grass-filled path just south of a visible Super Potion where a TinyMushroom rests.

Heading further up along the linear path, there is a hidden Pokemon Ranger that gives you Chesto Berry for defeating her. The same with a trainer up ahead, except you receive a Pecha Berry instead. There is also yet another TinyMushroom hidden in the dead stump. A Paralyz Heal and another ranger with a Pecha Berry can be found along the trail. If you head down and around the winding path you will find TM86 Grass Knot. This move does more damage to heavier opponents. We cannot access the other part of this area yet.

Heading through the hollow log, you will encounter the final Team Plasma Grunt in our little trek. After the battle, he will forfeit the Dragon Skull that was stolen from the museum. As a rather... unwelcome surprise, a man named Gorm will come forth and address the Team Plasma Grunt as a fellow subject of the King. The Grunt takes surprise in this, and addresses him back as Gorm of the Seven Sages. It seems there is more to this group than we thought! As it turns out, the hijacking of the Dragon Skull was completely unnecessary and was actually unrelated to their goal - unbeknownst to the Grunts that coordinated the effort. It is also revealed to us that Ghetsis is not, in fact, the leader of Team Plasma and the King of which Gorm spoke. Ghetsis is but another one of the mysterious Seven Sages.

We will now have a brief conversation with Lenora and Burgh. Burgh, the Gym Leader of Castelia City, invites you to his gym. Lenora will also take the Dragon Skull from you, rewarding you with a valuable Moon Stone. This can be used to evolve certain species of Pokemon, such as Munna. Heading over the the ledge to our right, there is a Miracle Seed. If you want to train, you can battle some of the trainers on this bridge. If not, head up and out of Pinwheel Forest.


Castelia City

Insect Badge

 Arrow through the Sky

Welcome to Skyarrow Bridge! The latest accomplishment in the graphics system brought to us for our viewing pleasure. Skyarrow Bridge features amazing mechanics that scroll the screen as you run a straight path through the epic scenery of the Unova region. There isn't actually anything to do here, but enjoy the view!

This city largely utilizes the new 3D graphics system used in Pokemon Black and White. You'll notice that every part of the city is portrayed to make it seem as large as possible. Long alleyways, crowds of people, skyscrapers everywhere. This is truly the largest city in Pokemon Black and White, yet not quite the most populated! As soon as you enter the bustling city, head down and onto the dock. Speak to the scientist here and he will give you a stone that corresponds to the elemental monkey you received earlier. This stone will evolve that Pokemon, so go ahead and use it! The Pokemon Center here has a man in a black suit up the stairs that will give you rewards based on how many different people you have traded with. 5 People - Wide Lens; 10 People - Everstone; 20 People - Zoom Lens; 30 People - Choice Scarf; 40 People - PP Max; 50 People - Master Ball. Go out there and get some friends! This is one of only two Master Balls in the game, so getting 50 IDs could be worth it. They capture any Wild Pokemon without fail.

There are signs in the city that label all of the streets. On Castelia Street - right next to the Pokemon Center - there is a building on the left with an elevator. Take a ride to the 11th floor and talk to the Hiker here to receive TM44 Rest. Go down the next alley along the way of the main street and head up. A man here will pop out and give you TM70 Flash. This will light dark areas such as caves. On the right side of the alley is the entrance to a small, elegant cafe. The bartender here will give you one free Lemonade for your Pokemon. On the very far side of the main street there is a building called the Passerby Analytics Headquarters. The girl at the top right of the room will hand you a Pokeball, thinking you dropped it. If you apply to be a statistician, the lady on the left will let you answer questionnaires. If you answer all of them, you get a Soda Pop.

There are three dancers located around the city that will challenge you to an optional battle when you talk to them. Start with the one in the Central Plaza. Upon defeating this dancer, you can answer yes to the question and gather the other dancers. Head directly left and down Narrow Street, where the second dancer is located. After defeating this one, keep going straight down and onto Unity Pier. If you happen to defeat all three of these dancers, you will receive an Amulet Coin as a prize at the Central Plaza, which doubles the amount of money you receive after each battle. This can come in handy, especially if you spend a lot of money on TMs or stat-boosting items. If you have recorded over 28 Pokemon in your Pokedex, go up the road north of the Central Plaza and into the door on the top right. A scientist here will give you an Eviolite for the great work on your Pokedex.

There is one place of great interest I would like to point out. This is a large building called the Battle Company. It is located on the very main street in the city. In here are many battlers that you can challenge. This is a very good place to stop at before heading to the gym if you need to level up your Pokemon. All of these trainers are listed on the right, but are completely optional just as always. A number of items are located here. Right upon entering the 47th floor, a man in the top right will give you three Quick Balls and three Timer Balls. The scientist in the bottom right gives you a Scope Lens. A Revive is located on the opposite side of the room. On the top floor you will find a Hyper Potion in the middle of the floor and receive an Exp. Share for defeating the Janitor in the top right of the room.

 Plasma Strikes Back

Now that we've taken care of all of the business in Castelia City, we are prepared to face the Pokemon Gym. On the very west side of town, next to the Analytics HQ, there is a street that leads straight up to the Pokemon Gym. But wait! Burgh will come rushing out and inform us that Team Plasma has arrived in Castelia City. Follow him to Prime Pier, which is between the Battle Company and Pokemon Center. It seems that there is quite a dire situation at hand here... Team Plasma has stolen our best friend's Pokemon! She is in the company of a small girl named Iris. A Team Plasma member will slip up and head down to the pier for another nab, not knowing that there is a Gym Leader in our midst this time around. Head straight forward and go to the west side of Central Plaza, stopping at the Pokemon Center if needed. It seems that they have gone in the direction of the Gym.

Upon arriving at our destination, we'll find that there are three Team Plasma grunts guarding the entrance to the building here. This is the Team Plasma Headquarters. It looks like we're going to have to fight our way in! After defeating the Team Plasma grunt that challenges you, Iris and Bianca show up. Inside there is a rather... unpleasant surprise. Ghetsis and what seems to be two of the other Seven Sages are waiting for us. The one on the left is revealed to be Bronius. Thankfully, we don't have to push our Pokemon into another fight. Bianca's Munna is returned safely. We receive a Yache Berry from Iris as well as a Smoke Ball on the floor. Now it's time to head back to the Gym to finally challenge Burgh! You may want to make a quick stop at the Pokemon Center first, however.


Castelia Gym

Insect Badge

 Struggle for the Insect Badge

This gym utilizes Bug-type Pokemon, so if you have a Fire- or Rock-type move, you're bound for success. Some Fighting-type Pokemon with Rock-type moves are located outside the entrance of Pinwheel Forest. Our buddy on the right won't come up to talk us anymore, but you can still converse with him yourself to get another complimentary Fresh Water. He will also give you some tips on the layout of the gym... which is made with walls of honey! Head straight forward through the first honey wall and step on the switch to open a gate to the left. We can't get there quite yet, but one ring on the right gate will light up. Now we just need to step on the switch adjacent to the other ring. The switch straight through this wall will make a trainer pop up, so avoid it if you don't feel like a battle. Hit the two switches here to open up yet another gate.

Now that we're most of the way through the gym, we can work on opening the gate to the leader. Step through the gate you just opened to light up one ring on the leader's gate. Hit up the switch on the far left side of the room now to open yet another gate. The switch in front of the wall here has another pop-up trainer. Go up into the room here to light up the ring for the room next to the gate blocking the path to the leader. Make your way over there to finally open the path to our friend Burgh.

 Gym Leader Battle: Burgh

Depending on what type your Pokemon are and how high their levels are, this may be one of the easiest Gym Leader battles in the game. If you chose Tepig as your starter and have already learned Rollout, use that move from the word go. Rollout is super-effective against Bug-type Pokemon and its damage increases with every consecutive turn, wiping the floor with Burgh's Pokemon. If you happened to pick Oshawott as your starter, you can make full use of your Pansear - or Simisear if you opted for the Fire Stone on the pier - and scorch the bugs. Using Snivy or Oshawott against his lineup is not recommended, as Leavanny boasts a super-effective Razor Leaf for Oshawott and Bug-type moves make quick work of Snivy. If you chose Snivy, send out your Panpour or Simipour or another Pokemon you captured along your journey. The Fighting-type Pokemon located outside of Pinwheel Forest boast Rock-type moves, so if you caught one of them, chances are that's what you'll be using.

After defeating our good friend Burgh in a hopefully easy battle, you will receive the Insect Badge. This will allow you to successfully command all Pokemon - even those that are traded - up to Lv. 40. As a gift, Burgh will also present you with TM76 Struggle Bug. Struggle Bug lowers the Special Attack stat of the opponent it is used against, which can be very useful in some cases. It works extremely well against Psychic-type Pokemon. Check out the next part of the walkthrough for the next major step in your Pokemon journey!

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