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Pokemon-Bank-logo Recently Nintendo have been suffering from technical problems from their online services. This started some time yesterday which coincidentally was the release of Pokémon Bank in Japan. Because of these connection problems, Nintendo decided to pull Pokémon Bank temporarily from the Nintendo eShop. With all these problems, what does this mean for the international release of Pokémon Bank? Hit the jump to find out.

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251 During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed more details regarding Pokémon Bank. Iwata announced that a special Celebi will be given to players who access Pokémon Bank before September 30th 2014.

You can obtain this Celebi by accessing Pokémon Link in the main menu of Pokémon X and Y after paying the annual fee or signing up to the 30 day free trial. This Celebi is level 10 and comes with a new move called Hold back, a move that has the same effects as False Swipe. It also has Heal Bell, Recover and safeguard.


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Trainer Tips: Wi-Fi Battles


pokmon-trainer-tips Hello PD, it is nice to be back! I would like to bring back a little segment from awhile back called “Trainer Tips”! Since X&Y was released in October, the Pokémon gaming world as we know it has been shaken up and changed forever. We will hopefully try to put out Trainer Tips more often. Today I’d like to share some helpful hints about battling trainers around the world through Wi-Fi Battles. This new and improved battle system will be all the rage once Pokémon Bank and Pokémon Transfer are released. Hit the jump for 9 helpful tips for battling with wi-fi!


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Pokemon-Bank-logo With Pokémon Bank coming our way this Christmas, alot of us are probably wondering how much the Annual fee is for the app. While the pricing for America got announced last month (which being $4.99) everywhere else around the world wait for their pricing to be announced. well that wait is over as the pricing for Pokemon Bank has been announced. make the jump to find out those all important prices.

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