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Farfetch’d Friday #4: Slicing Scyther!

#123 – Scyther


Hello Pokefans! Welcome to “Farfetch’d Friday” where, as you know, we will be discussing a Pokémon that is looked down upon or ignored in the competitive scene. By reading this post I will try to explain to you how this actually really great Pokémon is. This week will be the first edition to feature an un-evolved Pokémon. I am aware Snormax normally does Farfetch’d Friday, but a lot of us are back in school so we are super busy away from Pokémon Dungeon at times. There hasn’t been a Farfetch’d Friday in awhile so I was eager to write one up myself. The latest secret weapon I have recently trained for battle is a mighty Scyther named Greenie. Today I will be analyzing its background, typing, notable moves and items, move sets, and more!
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Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions


Remember the Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses? Well now it’s Pokemon’s turn! According to the official Pokemon site, Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions is a new concert orchestra going on tour NEXT MONTH. Symphonic Evolutions will feature musical arrangements from all the Pokémon games! Unfortunately this is a US only thing as of now. Hit the jump for initial tour dates!
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Born to Lead #2 – Lt. Surge


185px-HeartGold_SoulSilver_Lt_SurgeWelcome to “Born to Lead”, a weekly segment where I talk about one of the many Gym Leaders of the Pokemon world. We’ll be covering the bio, team, and pieces of random trivia that each leader has to offer across the main series games in which they were introduced.

This week, we have the honor of covering a war hero! What war exactly? Well, we don’t really know, and just the fact that apparently the USA was a part of it makes everything even more confusing. Regardless, we’re having a look at Lt. Surge, leader of the Vermillion Gym in the region of Kanto. If you have any questions, comments, or requests, please leave them below.

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One of the most unforgettable things about Pokémon are the battles. Not just any ordinary battles; battles with the all-mighty Pokémon of Legend! Unlike regular Pokémon encountered in the wild, there is only one of each Legendary Pokémon: one chance is all you get or they’re gone for good (most of the time). What’s also special about this is the unique music that plays for each one. It’s not as dramatic as it seems but Game Freak sure knows up to amp up an important battle with the soundtrack! Hit the jump for 10 notable Legendary Themes from all of the regions of Pokémon!

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Hello Pokéfans, Olivia here and it’s time for a Pokéditorial! I have been working on this post for quite some time to get all the possible information I wanted to cover. I even beat Pokémon Y while still brain storming ideas! Okay so I finally have a little something for those genwunners out there: Today I’d like to share how the latest Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are alike to the original Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue versions. Hit the jump to satisfy your generation one needs! (And to find out which Pokémon cannot learn Cut anymore!)

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Following on from the release of the Pokémon X & Y Super Music Collection that was released on iTunes, the Pokémon Company has released another Super Music Collection to iTunes. This time it’s music from Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.

The Soundtrack comes with 90 songs from the remakes of Pokémon Red and Blue and is available for $11.99 in America and £10.99/€11.99 in Europe/UK. For a Link to the soundtrack, hit the jump.
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The Official Japanese Pokemon Channel has released a trailer for the recently announced anime Pokemon: The Origin. Sadly, we’ve found out that it is not a series, or a mini-series, but a special. Quite a disappointment to the fans who have been wanting a different take on the Pokemon universe in anime form, but regardless it is very cool to see the homage of the history of Pokemon being so prevalent in the mind of the Pokemon Company.

c20130817_pokeo_003_cs1w1_640x480The Pokemon Game Show has already begun in Japan, and lots of news has already come out from it.

A trailer featuring Red and Green aired during the Pokemon Game Show, announcing an additional anime Pokemon series called Pokemon: The Origin which will air on October 2nd. We are still not sure if this is a mini-series or if it’s a brand new series, but nonetheless they are finally delivering on a request made by many Pokemon fans for an anime that doesn’t revolve around Ash. The art style is quite different than the anime style they have always used, looking closer to the promotional anime short they released for Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.

Take the jump to see screenshots, which includes a close-up of Blastoise, and a Geodude and Charmander battling.

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e8e3d85aa9a13b85df36a532eeef3a29-the-evolution-of-pokemon-playersDorkly posted a new Pokemon related comic recently that is sure to hit close to home. It’s called the evolution of a Pokemon fan, and follows four young trainers and their inevitable journey to becoming a Pokemon Master into adulthood.

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CaptureqwerQwertee is a site where artists can submit their designs for a chance of their shirt being sold for exactly two days. Once the stock runs out, or 48 hours have gone by, the design is no longer on sale. Today they are catering to Pokemon fans by featuring a shirt named Water Starter: an intense grunge inspired Squirtle design selling for only $12.00 during the first 24 hours, and then going up to $14.00 during the second day. As of the time of this post (Friday 10:00 PM, CST) all available sizes are still up for grabs, so while there is plenty of time left, it’s better to place your order sooner rather than later to guarantee you get the size you prefer.

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Pokemon Designs: Drowzee & Hypno

Axle the Beast

Alright, well, after a long hiatus from doing any of these Pokemon design reviews, I think it’s high time I got back into it. I would review “Newtwo”, but I’d rather not until I have a more proper name to label it by. So for now, since we’re out of named Gen VI Pokemon, I will start talking about some notable ones from previous Generations. To start, I’m going to discuss my favorite psychic Pokemon, Hypno, and his pre-evolved form, Drowzee.

Known as Sleep and Sleeper respectively in Japan, Drowzee and Hypno originate from the first Generation of Pokemon, making them some of the first Psychic-types and some of the Pokemon who set the tone for all future Psychic-type Pokemon. These stubby, anthropomorphic, odd-nosed yellow Pokemon are both simple and highly strange in their design, and as I will get into in this review, they both represent their type quite well while keeping the connection subtle enough to have other, more unusual elements. There’s also a mythological reference to discuss. So without further ado, let’s discuss both of their designs!

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The Story of Mewtwo


TCGO_1920x1200February 6th is Mewtwo’s Birthday. And despite all the birthday wishes it has received around the internet, its birthday is nothing to celebrate; its story is a grim one.

Most of the fanbase is most familiar with the Pokemon anime’s interpretation of Mewtwo’s story. The 150th Pokemon was the antagonist in the very first Pokemon Movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back. At the beginning of the Movie, we see Mewtwo gaining consciousnesses behind a glass tube. Dr. Fuji, the head scientist of the cloning project responsible for Mewtwo’s creation, explains to the Pokemon that it is a cloned specimen of a long extinct Mew. Quickly putting two and two together, Mewtwo realizes that it is no more than an experiment to its creators and destroys the lab, including everything and everyone in it.

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